Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Day 314 Early Sunday Morning

November 24, 2015
Day 314

Early on Sunday morning, before the break of dawn, I sit and begin to write a blog post. It is about hearing from God. Believing that He heals, He speaks, He leads and He guides.

I hear from Robyn.

Robyn: Mom, I am bleeding. You need to come. Theo is sleeping but he will wake up and can you please come.
Me: I will be right over. And Honey, it is going to be ok.
(Robyn is 32 weeks pregnant. She looks great. But I remember thinking, on Saturday as we were shopping together for our individual Thanksgiving meals, boy her tummy looks like it is really out there.)
Robyn: Silence, sniffling

My clothes are on. I hop in the car. I have done this before, many times. It is a call to walk into the unknown. The list varies and it is with different children each time but every moment has the same elements - The Unknown. Will they survive, will they be different, will life remain the same etc. And in these moments, you can either tense your muscles against the unknown or you can breath, and do so deeply. I choose to breath, and do so deeply.

My grandson Theo leads the way. His day is unfettered, there are no worries for a little boy who can still ride his dinosaur. And ride he does. Jesus calls us to lay down our burdens, concerns, and all worries on Him. And once you have laid it all down, you can ride your dinosaur too.

By early afternoon we have news. Robyn's cervix is blocked by her placenta. She has placenta previa.
The baby is healthy but Robyn is told that the second occurrence of bleeding is now what they are worried about. So she needs someone around 24/7 and if bleeding occurs it is an ambulance ride to an emergency C-Section. The baby received, via her mommy, two shots of steroids. This will enable the little girl's lungs to be strong upon her early arrival.

So our prayer is this: Jesus will you please protect Robyn and RJ's little girl from any harm. Will you please keep Robyn from any more bleeding and allow this baby four more weeks inside her momma's womb until December 18th when the C-Section is scheduled. And Thank you Lord for showing Robyn and RJ this so that they can be prepared!

Geoffrey, the first baby Robyn cared for, had a dream a number of weeks ago. He shared it with me and it was such that Geoff and I began to pray for the health of the baby. God does speak and He uses dreams all the time! This one brought us to pray.

Geoff calls me from church as I was at Robyn and RJ's home with Theo.

Geoff: Mom, remember the dream?
Lynne: Oh, wow, Geoff! I had forgotten the dream. But yes!
Geoff: Yeah, it all lines up.

God is good that way. So, folks, keeps us in your prayers and ask God to give this little girl a December 18th birthday!  And remember, God speaks.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Day 313 The Small Country

November 23, 2015
Day 313

Once upon a time there was a small country inside another country. The small country had different ways, thoughts, mindsets and currency. The small country's currency was paperless, whimsical and never destroyed. The large country was motivated by different things than the small country. The borders were invisible.

No one knew when someone moved into the small country. Their entry was detected by others who were rarely seen. And the parties the observers would throw were exuberant and beyond beyond. Though the small country was jammed packed it could hold the entire country. For the laws of the big country did not apply to the laws of the little country and the laws of physics was, well, wonky and non existent in the small country.

Everyone always tried to guess which country someone was from. Sometimes they would get it right and many times they would get it wrong. But it was fun trying to guess, I guess. The small country frustrated the larger country because they categorized people differently......

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Day 312 L.L.Bean

Nov. 22, 2015
Day 312

From: lynneburkholder@gmail.com
Date: 11/21/2015 10:32AM
To: customerservice@llbean.com
Subject. L.L. Bean Customer Service

Name: Lynne
Order Related: no
Order Number:
Zip Code: 19520

To the person reading this- you are significant. To the company - you have been faithful, consistent and have offered me and my family warmth, comfort, beauty and help. Thank you for being that company! I am thankful for L.L. Bean. There was an ad on my facebook page from L.L. Bean and I just got warm fuzzies and felt like someone needed to know.

But you who are reading this - have a great day and always look on the bright side! It is ALWAYS THERE!

From: Customerservice@llbean.com
To: lynneburkholder@gmail.com
Subject: #23303008

Dear Lynne,

Reading your email brought such a warm feeling and a big smile.

Our customers are truly the Best!

Thank you for your wonderful message! I am honored to have received it.

I hope You & Yours have a Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday season.


L.L. Bean Customer Service

It matters. Find the moments and appreciate.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Day 311 Wonderfulness

November 21, 2015
Day 311

It has been a full day, a wonderful day. Thank you God for your renewed mercies!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Day 310 My Buddy

November 20, 2015
Day 310

My buddy, she is recovering. Today she had an operation, she thought it was going to be one thing but in fact it was another thing on top of the one thing. I have watched her navigate this health issue with grace, copious amounts of faith and authenticity. God gives you what you need when you need it.

But I cry out and I say, God! In your name and with your amazing healing finesse HEAL MY SISTER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER! Her sons, her husband, her India, her new grandson, me, her prayer warriors, her rug hookers, her Wider Students, her community NEED HER! I mean we need her. I speak for the nation in which she lives.

Memories swirl; learning group meetings at Paula Haller's with muffins, silly and copious amounts of laughter, her mother and the Delaware beaches, unexpected infants, same bathing suits, switched identities, homeschooling adventures, plays and the love of life.

So much the same between us and so much different. I am the extrovert, she is the introvert. She kayaks for exercise, I kayak. But we love to laugh, we love to harmonize, and did I mention we love to laugh.

Life is full, life is tentative, life is rewarding, life is challenging and life is more than we expected.

Terri, get well. My prayers are with you, they are for you, they are directed to my loving Father who loves the stinking snot, or lung out of my sister from another mother, Terri Leahmer.

Come thou fount of every blessing!

Day 309 Love on Sister

November 20, 2015
Day 309

She lives through her love teachings. The truth smothers and brings pain, it leads her through a tangled mess. His hand is holding and guiding her, her sight is dull though her faith is alive. She has been called to walk out love in a world that knows not. She does this for Him. The path is so very narrow but her guide is massive. She feels his hand directing her back from treacherous cliffs, lifting her up and over dangerous, messy spots. He loves her. She adores Him.

This is no rose garden. She counted the cost. He has lovingly made it clear, serving Him means painful sacrifice. But He clears the path as He leads. She knows that serving Him means following. Where He is, she is. She knows His Father will honor her, this is the internal pull to follow and serve.*

His all encompassing wisdom leads her to all truth. He is so lovely, so compassionate, so gracious, and abundantly full of mercy. Oh, He is beautiful. Yes, the way is narrow and the walk is lonely, but she can follow no other, for He fills the lonlieness with the essence of His all inclusive love and intimate friendship.

So she will continue to preach highly of Him. The thorny way is worth His hand in hers.
Dear Sister, your faithfulness and your life is an eloquent, anointed sermon. It is an honor to call you sister. You are an overcomer. We serve a Risen Savior!

Notes: * John 12:26

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Day 308 Tiredness Overcomes

Nov. 17, 2015
Day 308

I am tired. I go to bed. My heart is full. My spirit is willing. I will rest and rest well.
I will pray for my dear friend who will be arriving at the hospital early in the morning. Dear Jesus, give the Lebanese surgeon a good night's rest, a steadfast hand and the ability to think well.