Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Day 210 Keep Posting, They'll Get Over it!

Day 210
August 4, 2015

Many folks rant about Facebook posts complaining that you are bragging and shoving your happiness down our faces. But I see and smell victory from your posts. You have endured much and now is a time to celebrate. We celebrate with you.

You posted your son's wedding. I remember when he was prematurely born. We all prayed just for his survival. The wedding was so wonderful, thank you for posting pictures. And you over there posted your daughter's beautiful wedding nestled in rolling hills. You would have given anything to have your parents there.

You post family pictures celebrating your brother's wedding. And I know you have gone through the heartache of a number of miscarriages and now you finally are caring your little infant to term. The joy I see in the pictures turn what might become coveting into celebrating with you!  You are traveling with your family, nobody knows what you endured when your husband lost his job.

You took a picture of you and your lovely daughters near a corn field. One of your daughters a couple of days after that post traveled to a far away country. Life looks fabulous in  all the facebook posts but they are not. Everyone's life is filled with heartache and heartthrill. There are no two ways of slicing it. So, let's buck up and not complain!

These posts celebrate life. I'm loving your posts, I've seen your pain. Keep posting!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Day 209 Small Cuts in Life

August 3, 2015
Day 209

My thumb was sliced as I was washing down the counter preparing for dinner tonight. It happened all of a sudden and in an instant I was ticked. Why do I not assess every situation before I do something like this?! In the drying rack was a double edged knife. I was vigorously washing the counter and not even thinking about that knife, not even seeing that knife just lying there waiting to slice through my right thumb. It happened so quickly and took me by surprise.  All I could think of was, "Thank goodness it is not Thanksgiving with all the food preparations still to be done and gobs and gobs of dishes yet to wash."

It is the little small cuts in life that are so annoying, and sometimes so debilitating. It is a small slice on my thumb but the position of it is painful. Every time I type I am typing directly on the cut. My biggest pet peeve in life is obtaining a small, painful cut such as this on my fingers, especially my right hand. The worse is when one of my children breaks a glass and attempts to clean up the mess but doesn't fine tooth the process. I come along washing the counter and when ringing out the washcloth a small chard of glass gives me a tiny, painful cut.

I must end my tine writing, typing is painful. In the future I need to Stop, Look, and Listen! Do you really think that is going to happen? You're right, better to buy stock in Johnson & Johnson.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Day 208 A Celebration of a Little Life

August 2, 2015
Day 208

A little boy entered our life last summer and our lives will never be the same. Theodore James Saunders is a significant individual. Today we celebrate his first year of life. This guy has been proactively processing from day one. You can see it in his eyes. You sense he wants to be part of every conversation, he wants to move the way we move, he wants to put things on fast forward. We marvel at his emotional alertness and his physical abilities and his clear, persistent determination.

His little sturdy legs have allowed him to move two weeks shy of nine months. This is exactly how he wants to roll; clear, direct and purposeful. His Aunty Kathryn forced him into walking, she knew he wanted it and she forced him into a relentless practice routine. It is old hat now, he goes wherever he wants. One of his projects that he can now attend to is investigating the pot of soil that is in the living room. He knows that if he digs down far enough he will find "it!" What "it" is, is to be defined, but he is sure "it" is something. 

Every uncle and aunt of Theo's, on his mommy's side, has initiated a relationship with this little guy. He reaches out with his persistent, searching arm that seeks for them when they are in the room. He knows they love him from a place that is full and overflowing. He is not a snuggler, there is too much to see, to process, to learn. He must hold himself straight and alert. He might miss something if he lets down his guard.  And for this, he might not be able to forgive himself.

He has been talking for a while with definite, firm sounds. He thinks we understand him. We don't. However, we listen and respond as if we do. He must have the last word. He lives amongst "Last worders" and so there is much going back and forth until we finally all give up in exhaustion. 

Like all of us in his family, he is a mixture of introvert and extrovert. The obvious energy he derives from people tips the scale to extrovert. You bring him to a party and there is no "gearing up", there is no processing as he enters the landscape with alacrity. And when it is all said and done, he does not leave an emotional mess. Instead, he leaves wondering why he would be removed from such joy.

His smiles are dreamy yet he is cautious and careful about giving them. He is not testing the waters, he is just simply not a fool. He rushes nowhere. He will more than likely have a witty dry sense of humor that catches you off guard. Oh, what fun to look forward to this day.

He loves to repurpose and reorganzie and when in the Coffee Gazebo he does just that. He is the lucky one to have for a Grampy who loves little children. Lynn always allowed his own children to be right beside him. I never once heard my man shoo any of our children away.

Theo, happy birthday. Much has been given to you little guy and therefore much will be expected! I desire for you to know your Creator intimately. For you to rush into the Word. For you to purposefully seek time with Jesus everyday. I desire for you to see what you have been given as a gift to help you give glory to Jesus with such freedom. I pray that you will help to set spiritual captives free. You have been given excellent parents who are not pretentious, this will enable you to live authentically in an authentic home! Blessings, my little man!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Day 207 Today

August 1, 2015
Day 207

Today is the only day that I have, that you have. No one knows what tomorrow holds. This reality forces all of us to use our day wisely. Today we breathe in air, and only because God has afforded us one more day.

Who can we love a little deeper? Who can we forgive? Who can we bless? From what can we repent?

To live as if we only had this day is not an exercise in faith, not a walk down rhetoric lane. It
is reality, truly. There are no guarantees that tomorrow will be ours. Today is our only gift.


Friday, July 31, 2015

Day 206 Robotic Relationship

July 31, 2015
Day 206

During my college days, I had probably one of the most instructive dreams I had ever been granted. It helped me to clearly see what is and what is not.  A dear friend of mine was attending an off campus college experience on the West Coast. She left as a ridiculously happy woman, she had a smile that pulled you close to her chest and you never wanted to leave. You said yes to every silly and sometimes dangerous thing she wanted you to do. She was the runner, the hiker, the explorer, one active woman racing to healthy living. She was precious. (and I imagine still is)

Her calls back home were concerning to me, however. "Are you a universalist?" I asked her one night as we were speaking on the phone.  Her answer made me heart sick. At this college experience she was encouraged to put the bible down and reflect. Her reflection led her to an "open mind."

That night after I fell to sleep with the knowledge that she had traded in her Savior I had this dream. 

The Dream:
Her and I were speaking of relational things and all of a sudden she stopped and then her face, from the top down, pulled away. What I saw was startling. Beneath her flesh was a robotic mass of plugs, wires and bulbs - cold hardware. What became apparent in my dream was that my friend had traded in a relationship for a program, robotically determined responses. She was not her. She had given up a relationship for a program, an obedience to a system, not the God/man, Jesus Christ.

After I awakened I knew immediately what the dream meant. Sometimes we think we are in a relationship with someone when at some point we realize they are simply following a pattern, a system and are not responding to us relationally but rather responding to us in a cold systematic manner.  This dream has played out many different times during my lifetime.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 205 People

July 30, 2015
Day 205

Gabe and Morgan, Caleb and Kate

Berg Women
I love people and all kinds of people, I love getting to know someone. I love their uniqueness, their bent on life. I love their special interests. I am intrigued by their thinking. I love listening to their story. I love finding out when they knew what they wanted to do in life. I love listening to them about times that made them grow or times that gave them a new perspective on life. I want to know more about them than I want them to know about me.

Friend for Life Deborah Kurtz

If I would invite everyone I love to one big place, I am not sure everyone would get along. Everyone is so different from one another and this is the way I like it.

I love the different laughs, the different expressions, the different body movements. I love the way each person has an individual style of dancing, of talking, of using their hands. I love people.

And I love you!
Saint Women

Fr. Lt. to Rt. Lynn, Kevin Putt, Theo, Sandy 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day 204 Sun Festival

July 29, 2015
Day 204
A picture of the early morning sun

The Summer sun intoxicates me, so does the Fall sun, so does the Winter sun,
and so does the Spring sun. And so I will enter the Sun Festival. Here is how it will go. You, or I, myself or anyone else for that matter, will submit sun pictures to this festival. It is a given that I will win. But do not let that discourage you. There might be a ray of hope. From where does this bravado originate, or self-confidence come from? Well, since you asked, The Sun Festival is mine. I am the visionary, I am the organizer, I am the PR, and I am the judge of all the entries.

You may submit an entry or two or maybe even a hundred. It should be centered around the sun. I speak much about this festival. I can not stop thinking about it. It invigorates me! I dream of this festival while completely awake and conscious. I constantly think of what I will enter. And, in case something might flare up, I have determined that there will be nothing in small print which says the following:

If you are related to the originator or if you are the originator of the so said and fully deemed, Sun Festival, you may not submit any entries. If it is determined that you overlooked this rule, you will be shamed in front of the Sun Festival’s opening ceremonies.
Are you kidding? Who comes up with those rules? Everyone must feel welcomed. 

The entries need to be received sometime soon. However, to put a time limit on something so timeless seems claustrophobic, myopic, petty, and certainly not a bright idea.

Here are the guidelines:
A picture of the early morning sun

1. Your entry must involve the sun.
2. All entries will be judged based on the theme of the Sun Festival. If you are unsure of the theme, please refer back to #1
3. Make sure that you label the theme of your entry on the back of your entry. The labels should look like this: The Sun
4. All entries must be submitted.

Currently, this is quite the hot topic. We know the theme is classic and will not expire anytime soon. Hence the reason for not cramping anyone's style with a final date for entries. 

We have added some examples, ok, so I have added. There is no team at the Sun Festival's headquarters. I sit alone. Oh, and there will be a Sun Screening, make sure you do not miss this.

A picture of the early morning sun