Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 267 Wider Robotics Mall Day

October 9, 2015
Day 267

From Left to Right: Mallory Spahr, Lydia Leaman, Andrew O'Donohue, Sam Petersheim, Daniel Lantz, Ben Cupo, Front Rt. Reagan Spahr, Jesse Burkholder,  Nicole Burkholder

Tonight the Wider Robotic team packed into a van their tools, extra materials, extra parts and a newly constructed robot. Tomorrow, the team and the dads drive to DuBois for a round of practice at what is called Mall Day. This will give them a chance to see if what they constructed is functional and operational for the specific tasks they need to accomplish.

They are free to take pictures and videos of the other teams' robots, lots and lots of pictures. Sharing of design features in the real world happens all the time. Therefore this is encouraged in the BEST Robotic competition.

Tomorrow is the day the designers, the programmers, the note takers and marketers discover the success or failures of what they have done so far.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day 266 Just Write

October 8, 2015
Day 266

My commitment to just write everyday supersedes my commitment to deliver it just right. I "show up" to the computer, like Denys Allen encouraged, even if I do not have the time to edit. This has created a sacred space of writing my family honors. I will not let this go.

There have been times I have put myself to bed only to remember, I have yet to write. So, I either call down for someone to bring me my computer (I am the high commander) or I haul myself out and bring it to bed. I write even though my brain is swimming in fog.

Tonight, my brain is swimming in fog begging me to be put to bed. I will comply. But first I needed to "show up." Denys Allen, I can not thank you enough for your encouragement to go for this Seth Godin challenge (at least I think it was him). It has made all the difference.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 265 Stepping Stones

October 7, 2015
Day 265

I never know. It could happen any time. I plan for it. I plan against it. But I never know when, or why, or how. I just know it could happen.

What I do know is that every moment is a step on a sure stone. The stone might be sad, tragic, troubling, happy, joyful, full of adventures but it stays firm in the water. It allows me to cross. It does not slip. Moss does not cover it. I move.

The ambulance ride with a son to the Trauma Center, not the Emergency Room, the Trauma Center was a stone. I stepped on it and it carried me safely to the next stone and the next and the next and the next. The stones were placed in scary parts of the water but when I stepped on them, they did not move. They stayed firm against the terra nova and I navigated to another one and another one and another one.

The second ambulance ride with another son was another stepping stone. The six joyful/painful car rides to the birthing center, the births, the telephone call of a tragic death, the call of a sad death, the call of a child caught in sin, these are all stepping stones. I have stepped on all of them and they carried me. None of them were meant as obstacles. They were moments moving me forward.

The river rages, but the stepping stones cross, let's hold hands.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 264 The Cupos

October 6, 2015
Day 264

The Cupos! This family blesses me. One small framed, pretty lady, a bearded man, a tenacious teenager, a bubbly young woman, and a young man in Philly going for his doctorate - and you put them all together and what do you have? One crazy home! Honestly!

This family gives. You need something, it's yours. You don't need something, it's yours too.  I do not know how many times we have been invited to their cabin. I do not know how many times we have been to their home for a meal. And the laughter and crazy shenanigans, surrounding the table, do not aid in the digestion process.

Dale and John are authentic loving parents who have navigated their children well. They love their three children fiercely. This is a tight family and they refuse to be burdened by the "look." Rather they are burdened that their children live free and follow truth.

I have so much respect for Dale and John and what goes on in their home. These past couple of weeks the BEST Robotic team has invaded their basement to build a robot. Their son is a vital part of the Build Team - Ben! What fun we have had coming together to eat, plan and laugh. They have been gracious. I am going to miss not going over at least four times a week. I love communal living and John and Dale are prime candidates for it. I really hope our team wins! But if not we have all won relationally!                      

Monday, October 5, 2015

Day 263 SLS Super Crown World Championship

October 5, 2015
Day 263

Waiting for the competition
A road trip to Chicago, World Championships and old friends - this was a winning combination for two brothers this past weekend. Through an Instagram contest that Kelvin Hoelfer, a professional skateboarder from Brazil, posted, Jesse won two tickets to see The Street League Skateboarding Super Crown World Championship. Kelvin said that if you want the tickets you have to comment on a picture he posted and tag a friend. Let's just say, Jesse did just that.

Jesse not only posted a picture of him and Christopher, he then tagged everybody else who was in the competition, including Kelvin. He then said, "Can't wait to see everybody if Kelvin gives us these tickets." Then he sent the same picture in a personal message and begged him for the tickets. He said, "plz, plz, plz, plz, plz,PLZ (along with a flurry of sad faces). I'm the little one plz pick us plz I'm begging you plz and I love watching you skate you the best.

It was cleary not a hoax.
Kelvin then sent him a message and said he was giving him the tickets. We didn't hear the end of this. Jesse was telling everybody, and I mean everybody when I say everybody. He was so excited and I was groaning inside, oh boy, this kid's gonna be disappointed, this is not going to work out. A hoax is what many thought, but Jesse and Christopher were waxing excitement. Next thing I know they are planning a trip to Chicago and in the morning they are gone, snacks and all.

All day Lynn and I are trying to connect them with folks in Chicago, surely we have to know someone they can stay with. Then the call comes at 9 pm, it is Mark and Beth Buckholtz, friends of Lynn's sister, Wanita and her husband Jim. We have also had the good privilege of knowing them as well. They promise food and shelter and there begins the beautiful relationship.
Kelvin and Jesse
The next day they happen to meet the skater dude, Kelvin, the guy who relented and gave Jesse tickets. They were able to get a picture with him and also discover they have great seats. These two experienced a great opportunity.

Kelvin won the championship, he was not slatted to win, but he did anyway. These sons of mine really maximized their time! I love opportunistic folks and I am glad to know at least six of them. Their father has taught them how to ask!

Great view

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day 262 She Misses Him

October 4, 2015
Day 262

I have a dear friend traveling life without her soulmate. July marked an entire year and her grief is still raw. When she shares, I do not take any of her morsels for granted. She is my mentor, so to speak. I hear, I feel, I see, I cry, and I learn of the ways of grief. Her vulnerability with me and others is the greatest gift she can give. This is not what she signed up for but, as Isaiah tasted and saw that the Lord is good, she is also willing to be vulnerable and used because of God's goodness. Thank you, D'lury for your tears, for your words, for your grief, for your vulnerability. I have learned and I have learned much.

She lives out the phrase - You can not trace His hand but you can trust His heart. I watch her do it every week.

Tomorrow marks what would have been thirty years of marriage between her and Richard. This is a lot of years. Many, by way of divorce, choose not to celebrate these milestones. She chooses, but is not able. Life -  makes -  no  - sense.  

Dear Jesus, tomorrow is a day she wishes would never come. Her thirtieth anniversary is to be spent with her lover. Yes, she knows Richard still lives. Yes, she knows you work all things out for the good of those who love the You, Lord. Yes, she knows you know what is best. But, Jesus, that does not change the fact that she misses and craves for her man. Please, tomorrow, bless her beyond, beyond.

You live inside this woman. You know her every thoughts, her every ways. You love her with an intensity, a fierce love. Tomorrow she needs to feel that. I have been blessed by the way she speaks of you even though she is confused by you. She worships the ground you move on. She will hear you when you speak words of love.

Please, dear Jesus, in her spirit fortify, comfort, 
and assuage her soul with your love. D'lury, you are precious.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 261 Body Life

October 3, 2015
Day 261

When we come together as a family in the Body of Christ, I need to constantly remind myself of what Christ did for me. This makes me want communion every time we meet. For communion is a visual, an act, reaffirming Jesus' completed work on the Cross. It reminds me that I am righteous only because of what "He did." It had nothing to do with me, it has nothing to with me and it will never have anything to do with me. EVER!!!! My ego, demands me to be reminded of this eternal fact, over and over and over again.

Therefore, it is imperative for me as a believer to be in the scripture, book after book, precept after precept, seeing the work of Jesus from the Old to the New Testament. This is not an option.  

It is not what I can do for Christ but what Christ has done for me. Understanding this is the fuel, the energy, the source of gratitude. And gratitude mobilizes the me to do the good works Christ created for me to do before the creation of the world.