Sunday, April 9, 2017

April 1, 2017 He Always Comes Back

April 10, 2017

"What do you want me to know about you, Jesus?" His answer sails me beyond common thoughts and into a new open sea, waves studded with exuberant bright light. I am Moana!

"Lynne, I am compassionate and loyal towards you to the point of death. But even more so, I am beyond faithful to you to the point of return. The everlasting love of the Father exploded me from death when I allowed the Holy Spirit to bring me back. Even though you rejected me, I wanted to come back. It was OUR (the Trinity's) eternal, loving plan.

I not only die for you, I want to come back for you! Who does that? I do! I am the One who returns in love though rejected by hate. I love you to the point of seeking you in a crowd of billions, trillions. My faithfulness is only based on my love, not yours.

Today, Lynne I want you to know - I came back! For you! And, Lynne, you can love like this. Go ahead, face the rejectors, lay down your defense mechanisms, love offensively. I have your back."

Counterintuitive He is. You reject me, I reject you, this is my urge. I have defense mechanisms out the whazo. But His are non existent and He only operates in the offense. He loves me beyond my lack; my lack of love, my lack of complete devotion, my lack of faithfulness.


Only if you're interested:

(I am a hound for information and sometimes, ok, most times, I am too invasive - I really didn't need to know that! I ask questions like it's my job. It's not. I have not received one penny for my questions.
But when it comes to asking my Father questions, you know, I rarely do. In fact I didn't know I could. All I have ever done is tell Him things, like He didn't know, and beg Him to do things the way I want. I even go so far and ask Him for the faith to believe He is going to do exactly what I want and how I want Him to do it. I do not give Him much room to use His ways, or thoughts, or options. But that is changing.

God excels in working with brats! And He is opening my eyes, in gentle ways, to show me how much He loves my questions. He especially loves the open ended ones, the kind that allows the one being asked to answer how they want. Go figure!

In fact, He is directing me to ask Him questions as I would a friend. For instance, Father, what do you like? Dad, what makes you the happiest? Poppa, what grieves you the most? Is there something about your character and nature you want me to focus on today, God? The above answer to His question blesses me.)

We do need you here. Thanks Chris for your soul tunes.