Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Day 229: August 31, 2016 Mining With Basic Observation

August 31, 2016
Day 229

Mining With Basic Observation

"I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power for us who believe. That power is like the working of his mighty strength, which he exerted in Christ when he (God) raised him from the dead and seated him at his right hand in the heavenly realms, far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every title that can be given, not only in the present age but also in the one to come. And God placed all things under his feet and appointed the church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills everything in every way." Ephesians 1:17-23


Today I was reading Ephesians 1:17-23. I often type out a passage and then pepper it with questions, as if I were a journalist; who, what, where, why, when, and how. (example below) This is so I can SEE, really SEE the text. Or better yet comprehend what I am reading. When I do this I am looking for the obvious, the stuff that hits me between the eyes. After I do this then I can begin to understand, interpret, and apply the Word to my life. But first things first, I must read, really read by asking basic questions.

The Holy Spirit flies the obvious off the page and slam dunks it into my soul. Today, I began to see the need for my spiritual eyes to be enlightened for there are many powerful things my spirit needs to know, REALLY know! As well, the explanation of His incomparably great power bored into my inner being. I do not even know what to do with the Church as the fullness of His Body that fills everything in every way. But you can bet I will be meditating on it.

The simple basic journalist's questions uncovered brilliant spiritual truths for me today proving again careful observation is an excellent mining technique.

I keep What? asking that Who? the God of Who? our Lord Jesus Christ, Which is who? the glorious Father, may Do what? give you Who? the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, Why? so that you may know him better. I pray also that What? the eyes of your heart may be enlightened Why? in order that you may know What? 1. the hope to which he has called you, Also what? 2. the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and also what? 3.his incomparably great power for us who believe. That What? power is like What? the working of his mighty strength, which he What? exerted in Who? Christ when Who? he (God) What? 1.raised him from the dead and What? 2.seated him at his right hand Where? in the heavenly realms, Where? far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every title that can be given, not only in the What? present age but also in the What?  one to come. And Who? God Did what? placed What? all things Where? under his feet and Did what? appointed Who? the church, which is his What? body the What? fullness of him who Does What? fills What? everything How? in every way.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Day 228: August 30, 2016 Jesus is the Answer

August 30, 2016
Day 228

Jesus is the Answer

I am grateful for this dude, Andre Crouch. Seeing him in concert was a treat how ever many years ago! And his songs continue to minister to me today how ever many years later. This summer has been a summer of understanding faith at a new level, a precious level. Andre's song with the ancient message continues to roll through my being as the days go by. Jesus is the answer for every prayer, every need, every issue, every problem, I have.  Jesus continues to remind me, "Sure Lynne, it looks different every time I answer but I am always the answer. I am the answer for the world today." 

What a privilege it is as the Trinity describes to me Jesus, my answer, on a new and deeper level. They bring me to the still waters, they cause me to lie down in green pastures. I am at rest! 

Sing it! Jesus is the answer for the world today, above Him there is none other, Jesus is the way!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Day 227: August 29, 2016 Present Day Hero

August 29, 2016
Day 227

Present Day Hero

As I learn to know this woman's endurance, patience, and brutal honesty, my respect soars. She is my hero. She is down to earth, authentic, and hard working. To her, "quit" is not a word. Instead, she races the Ironman everyday, overcoming obstacles while jumping hurdles she never knew existed. She is constantly learning and self reflecting and not content with status quo. Instead she relentlessly pursues more maturity from deep within, even while owning her crap. And for this she suffers.

She stands tall while her heart bends and cries. Her love is strong and loyal and it demands tough. And for this she pains. But she is a survivor and will continue to move one foot in front of the next as she learns more of love. And one day she will reflect and be thankful for desiring maturity and responsibility. She will. And hopefully others will follow suit for this is her heart's desire. For now, she suffers bravely.

May God fulfill your desires, dear brave woman, and pull you graciously into a land of freedom where your heart will soar and stand as tall as your physical stature. May it be so.

She is my hero.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Day 226: August 28, 2016 Age Old Institution

August 28, 2016
Day 226

Age Old Institution

We have been to more weddings than barbecues this summer. And weddings are hard for me. The hope, the joy, the romance, the kissing, the looks, all of these should pull me in to wonder but instead they scare the crap out of me. For I know it takes years for the "feelings" to root in a deep understanding of the commitment made on the wedding day. So, I am the one in the crowd grimacing, wincing, fidgeting, screaming in prayer -"Lord, help them to honor one another. Lord, give them perseverance! LORD!!!"

Though I am blessed with a man who honors, respects and is entirely beyond kind to me, I am also blessed with a human. We live in a fallen world with boomerangs flying out of nowhere and it makes even good marriages difficult.

The day Lynn and I said "I Do and I Will" was another day of another couple continuing in one of the oldest institutions on this planet. Not only is it ancient, but the marriage institution is one of the most productive unions on the face of the planet. For this union (when between a man and a woman) is designed to produce more scientists, innovators, musicians, artists, diplomats, presidents, kings, queens, etc. And it is also designed to establish a community of committed individuals. This Saturday was a privilege to be part of Brendan and Rebecca Burke's wedding ceremony. They too are entering the age old institution. They became a new family.

May they understand the purpose of their commitment. May they look to their Savior for fulfillment. May they honor one another. May they desire to see each other grow in their gifts and do what it takes to help the other fulfill them. May they learn to bless one another. May they grow deep in their relationship with Jesus. May they take their vows seriously enough to not harm one another with words or actions. May they instead build each other up to be more of who they were created to be.

Blessings Brendan and Becca, blessings!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Day 225: August 24, 2016 The Raft

August 24, 2016
Day 225

The Raft

There is a raft on Canandaigua Lake that I sit and ask Jesus to come and be with me. And He does. These moments are always different, unique, and laced with a particular message. The other day He came to the raft and pulled me under the water where we swam while breathing. My heart heard something like this, "Lynne, you can do the impossible with me. I can (Jesus) so that you will." That phrase resounded through my heart the entire day- I CAN so that you WILL.

The Raft -Canadaigua Lake, Rushville, NY
Breathing while swimming underwater is something I have done many times in my dream life, which has been vivid since I was a little girl. Was I receiving a dream interpretation for all the underwater dreams I have had over the years? I believe so. That moment was refreshing, invigorating, affirming, and energizing.

Jesus loves when I ask Him to come and be with me. He is all about conversations, moments, and one on one time. He always has something different to say and to show while swirling around the same theme - Love; intense, relational, substantial, and redemptive!

Do you want to try it? Determine a happy, secure place for yourself. It might be your favorite room or chair or place. Maybe it is your backyard swing from your childhood. But go and sit and ask Jesus to come and be with you. Then let Him lead. This is not Lynne losing her marbles (they've been gone a long time - no more to lose), this is relating to your friend and Savior, Jesus. C'mon, just try it.

(LeTourneau Christian Center was my all time favorite place to be as a little girl. I adored this place. It still exists and worthy of you checkng it out. The FingerLakes is the best kept secret!)

Early AM Kayak ride with Kathryn on Canadaigua Lake

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Day 224: August 23, 2016 Time Well Spent - As A Mom

The amount of praying I did on this vacation watching the children on the knee board, wake board, and tube...Diane too!

August 23, 2016
Day 224

Time Well Spent - As A Mom

What is a mother's main job? To feed her family, to clothe them, to house them, to keep them safe? I assert that a mother's main job is to pray for her husband and her children. All the other jobs are so vital, so important, so necessary but it is prayer that is of the utmost importance, sailing past the others far and beyond. For prayer is where you fly into the throne room of grace and you either petition with fervency or thank Him with a deep appreciation.  But it is where the action, the energy, the potential is and will forever remain. It is the place I find myself, in His throne room.

No one sees you praying, you might even seem lazy or uncaring, but you are doing the work that is vitally important and equally significant. The only one who needs to know what you are doing is God and God alone, so I never worried about others' views. The amount of time I have spent praying while sitting with a child, lying with a sick child, waiting at a stop light, sitting in a doctor's or dentist's office, watching them on the playground adds up to thousands of hours.

When one of mine was sick I would hold them and pray even if it was all night. "God, would you heal this child ? God, what do you want me to do? Am I to take this one to the doctor, please tell me. God, heal this child." For the child out late I have stayed up and prayed. For the child acting in rebellious ways I have prayed. For the child who was or is lonely I have prayed. For the child learning to walk and climb up the stairs, I prayed. For the teenager learning to drive, I was yelling (I got to be honest).

The greatest service I can offer my children is to pray for them. And likewise the greatest gift I can offer my grandchildren is to pray for them as well. I bless their little hands, their feet, their head, their heart, to hear others, to love others, and to respect others, just like I did with their momma. Prayer is vital and necessary and was never overlooked in my mothering. For prayer is an admission of need, of weakness, of lack, it is a calling out to someone else and asking them to lead, to guide, to help, and to assist. It is an admission of need. And no one knows more of my intense need than me! Mothering forces my knees to the ground.

But my most fervent prayer was, "Lord, please let them hear YOU!" This has been my constant prayer from the day each of them were born. If they can hear from God, through His Word, through dreams, through others, through me and my husband, that is where they find direction. And I ask them now and again, "Are you hearing from God?" My mothering boils down to one very vital activity, prayer.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Day 223: August 22, 2016 Appreciation for Connection

August 22, 2016
Day 223

Appreciation for Connection

There is enchantment on this property and we do not take one bit of it for granted. Instead, Lynn and I often take moments to appreciate what God has given to us. This piece of land would not be ours if it were not for the kindness of others. The story is a credit to God's goodness and mercy and in telling the story we can only give glory to God for we did not obtain this piece of property based on our financial success or acumen.

Six months after the purchase the land became Industrial Commercially zoned. Who knew? God did. The town moved from one end to the other and we found ourselves in the center of the activity. While others were not happy with Walmart and the other businesses we welcomed them. Sure we missed the fields but we loved the activity and convenience.

Coffee is a connector, we watch it happen every day. We enjoy watching the connections, the friendships, and conversations occurring on our property. Coffee is about relationships and what an honor to assist in many.

This past weekend a dear couple, Matt and Sarah, asked if they could celebrate their twin daughters' fifth birthday on our property. What an honor. Friday night was the big night for the birthday girls, Lydia and Lucy, and it was beautiful. The weather cooperated and the conversations at the different tables filled Lynn and I with encouragement. We do not take this property for granted. It is a place of connections and Lynn and I are grateful and honored.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Day 222: August 21, 2016 Childlike Expansion

August 21, 2016
Day 222

Childlike Expansion

Jesus expands fully in the place of faith as I gaze more and more into His wonderfulness. He is the answer to all Lynne Burkholder's questions and not just the answer giver. My moments with the Trinity are becoming more intense, beautiful, wonderful and full. I am receiving true affirmation and exhortation along with an increase in spiritual understanding of all things regarding the Three Persons in One. The mustard seed, a tiny seed taking up such insignificant physical space, represents my "beginning" faith which initially occupied insignificant spiritual space. But as I grow closer to Him I see Him more and more in everything around me. The spiritual real estate of faith expands as awareness of Him, in all things, expands and as I see the need to come as a child. (Mark 10:15, Matthew 18:4)

There is less dependency on my views, on my thoughts, on my understanding and on what I consider answers to my problems. I find my time spent with Jesus focusing more on what He did, what He says He is doing and what He says He will do. I am confused by much; loss of friends, church life and what it should look like. And yet the more I focus on Jesus the more trust billows up from the depths of my soul and I realize that figuring anything out, is not my worry. My faith expands as my focus on Him expands.

Connecting dots when you do not even know where they are is futile. But allowing Him to connect and lead is a sign of spiritual brilliance. (the world would not say so-you look foolish depending on what you can not see) He figures out my life, He is my answer for everything. He leads me with love, so that I can love. My faith expansion is directly proportional to my focus and gaze on Jesus. My childlike trust increases as my adult maturity in Jesus takes root.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Day 221: August 20, 2016 Jesus is the Answer

August 20, 2016
Day 221
Jesus is the Answer

Jesus Stooped for the sinner.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Day 220: August 18, 2016 Towns Unravel

August 18, 2016
Day 220
Towns Unravel

The sleepy towns of Morgantown and Elverson are chock full of sadness. A family lost their mother to cancer, too soon and too quick. A young couple is yelling at one another over in the parking lot across the street. They go back and forth and back and forth cursing all the way. There is much unrest between the two reflecting the town's sadness. What might look good on the outside is full of torment on the inside. Drug addictions are prevalent. Sometimes, in the middle of the day, drunk men and women are found in the parking lot of Sheetz needing a ride home. A young boy is abandoned at Walmart in need of help. From our living room, our family watches these events unfold. We pray and we sometimes are able to help and we are deeply sad.

And this is how towns unravel. We choose not to follow Jesus' example. We look the other way. But hope is eternal and love is present. And Jesus' love is deep and wide, far and high and cuts through emotional damage. To borrow words from the ancient text "Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things." (1 Corinthians 13)

The sleepy towns of Morgantown and Elverson are chock full of sadness but the good news is that Jesus is chock full of rest, hope, and love. Let's do this thing! Shall we?

Christopher's Burkholder original....

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Day 219: August 17, 2016 Walking the Road With This Woman

Lt. to Rt. Pam, Dale, Terri
August 17, 2016
Day 219

Walking the Road With This Woman

My dear friend, Pam Hopkins, has taught me much. She is an extra mile sort of gal. She is distinguished, elegant, and classy but down to earth more than any other woman I know. She does not even know how to make you feel uncomfortable or unaccepted. She throws open her arms, smoothers you with "how are you honey, and can I get you some coffee or tea." She has taught me how to love with more thoroughness, more understanding, and more insight. She just doesn't come alongside, she gets in the middle of suffering. And if you spend any amount of time with her, your conversations will have more to do with suffering, trauma, and abuse than the color of her kitchen cabinets, or her latest shopping adventure- and this girl knows how to shop.

Pam has taught me so much about the hard stuff. I don't want to think about these things but hanging around with her is having your head yanked out of the sand. She has taught me that silence is destructive especially when it shushes men and women treated as "small. " I have learned more about using one's "voice" with Pam, the most non chatty individual, than anyone else I know. This woman is not an attention seeker but in pursuit of righteousness, and uh, just a bit of warning, do not mess with her. For the sake of the brokenhearted she just might be "in your face." She will overthrow tables right along with Jesus in the temple square.

Pam and I found ourselves at a Trauma conference, thanks to Michelle Altringer for alerting us about this conference, and my dear friend, Dale Cupo, who shared her ticket with me. We listened to Pam's hero, Diane Langberg speak of trauma and of suffering. Our souls were filled with the good stuff in life, with accounts that had more to do with Isaiah 58, one of Pam's favorite passages.

Wonderful Women
Diane Langberg is a blessing to the Body at large and Pam's friendship with her will be used for God's kingdom, just you wait and see. Diane brings anything she writes on abuse to the heart of the cross. More churches than not need her books in their libraries. Walking with Pam has revolutionized my presuppositions, my archaic views of abuse, and introduced me to amazing authors who are followers of Jesus: Jeff Crippen, Leslie Vernick, and Diane Langberg (to name a few). I honestly can not keep up with the reading material Pam suggests.

Pam and I, also, found ourselves last winter meeting with a local counselor in the area, Jill Waters. I love organizing big events but never did I see myself helping to organize one on abuse. It became evident, however, after our initial meeting that we were kindred in our desire to bring a voice to this silenced topic. The women, from the community, that attended the conference made me want to weep. The sessions were filled with more information than less and it was overwhelming to hear the hearts of the speakers and the attendees.

Pam has offered more than food around her kitchen table, she helps Jesus serve rest as she opens her home weekly to prayer. Women from different walks of life vulnerably share around her table as they walk together. All of us present remind ourselves of the need to love and to love well, to offer forgiveness and to repent. We do not shy away from tough issues, we share openly.  As we journey together alone we are learning that to be misunderstood is par for the course, it is simply a result of this walk. Pam knows this all too well.  So where does she turn? She runs to her Savior who has expressed Himself to her more sweeter than ever.

Pam has allowed me to fellowship with her in the way of suffering. She has led me to dark places while showing me the glimmers of hope. She has offered warm hospitality to us weary souls while not forsaking her husband, children and grandchildren. Pam has turned my eyes to the true fast recorded in Isaiah 58. I walk with eyes wide open because Pam has shown me that knowing Jesus on an intimate level is gently walking the hard walk with those in need.

May the God of grace and mercy protect her and her dear family as she continues to endeavor to know Jesus more intimately.  The Body of Christ is a more loving place with people like Pam who love large and well. Thank you, Pam Hopkins.

My son's original "New Day" expresses my sentiments expressed in this post.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Day 218: August 16, 2016 So Little Real Estate

August 16, 2016
Day 218

So Little Real Estate

The mustard seed of faith takes up such little spiritual space. But it is a spiritual start and Jesus knows it begins with little faith. He knows it ends with faith and He even provides the faith.  It is all about faith. Yes, He is the provider but we are the receivers and my ability or inability to receive more faith is based on my acceptance of more faith and my requesting and begging of more faith.

At the beginning of our walk with Him we often need to see more physical answers than less. Our mustard seed worth of spirituality is small which allows for more of the physical answers to be seen. Jesus just says from faith to faith, He never gives measurements of what the faith should look like at the end. What we do know is, it is never from sight to sight. But rather it is about an increase in faith, progress in faith. And an increase depends on me, the acceptance of more faith or not.

The spiritual growth, the increase of faith is really an increase in awareness of The Answer. What is the Answer?  Jesus! An increase in faith has nothing to do with the answers to a problem, a situation etc. An increase in faith is understanding that Jesus is the answer to every issue, every situation, every problem, to everything. Jesus takes up the spiritual real-estate. He says to me, "Lynne, just look to me, I am your answer to everything. I will work it out!"

The focus is Jesus and as I am in desperate need of answers, He just asks me to come, rest on Him, look into His eyes and believe that He can do all things. He takes up the space and the more I trust, the more I believe, the less I need to see of physical answers. He said He would and so He better should! ( I live in the heart of Amish land "better should")

Monday, August 15, 2016

Day 217: August 15, 2016 I Am Good to Go

August 15, 2016
Day 217

I Am Good to Go

Diane Treichler in kayak with Chris Burkholder on paddle-board

I am good to go! 

I am now a woman of action!

For I was

 empowered, enabled, 



esteemed, enriched, 




honored, sustained,




and much more,

the day Christ died for me

and the day He arose for me!



What a Savior!

I am now a woman of action.

His has

set me free!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Day 216: August 14, 2016 A Night to Remember

August 14, 2016
Day 216

A Night to Remember

Last night I lay under the stars with my son, Jesse, watching meteors from Perseid's show. We had already witnessed amazing lightening but we were on a quest for meteors. We were in my friend, Terri Leamer's driveway. She had agreed the last two nights that we could do this but I was not really able to confirm approval for last night. So I lay in her driveway with my son hoping that if they did see us from the home they would not be alarmed, stunned and in need of a gun.... All went well.

We were awed. Jesse and I saw at least four amazing meteors with amazing tails. What a privilege to be with my twelve year old under the stars. Finally, we were sleepy, it was 1 am so we decided to go home. However, when we arrived home, we wanted to see more, it was so addicting. Geoff, being the good guy, pulled out a mattress for us and Jesse and I decided to make a night of it.

Last night was not allowed to remain vague, we made it a memory.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Day 215: August 13, 2016 Children, What Would I Do Otherwise?

August 13, 2016
Day 215

Children, What Would I Do Otherwise?

Geoff is an amazing wake boarder. 
Do not let the pictures mislead you.

Kathryn and Robyn are highly coordinated. 
To coordinate a jump on this hot day 
was more than I should have asked.

Chris is calling an owl. Don't ask.

Life is full. Especially with children like these.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Day 214: August 12, 2016 Sluggish

August 12, 2016
Day 214


Today was a heavy and sluggish day trying to labor in the heat. My head was foggy, my mind was slow, and my gait was hindered. What is it like for so many who work in the heat for such little pay? What is it like for so many with oppressive heat daily and no option of an air conditioner to revive? Many live convenient less while I do what I want when I want under the conditions I desire. I also fell asleep while trying to accomplish some reading.  There are many individuals all over the world in conditions that are simply not desirable. Today I felt a micro of their pain.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Day 213: August 11, 2016 GPSers Do Not Reinvent the Wheel

August 11, 2016
Day 213

GPSers Do Not Reinvent The Wheel 

GPS's - Gals & Guys Protecting Siblings - future ambition is to make known all available resources to help those oppressed. There is no need to re-invent the wheel but there is a need to pull together and dispense all available resources for those struggling with painful issues. This is where you and I come in, we are to pull together the resources we find and we are to let others in the Body know of them. A GPS desire is to establish a database categorizing all the books, workbooks, lecture series etc. on all of the various troubling issues.

Ignorance is not bliss, it is dangerous, and we need to know more than less. Domestic Violence is just one of those issues and today I discovered an interesting and seemingly helpful site - Bible Studies on Domestic Violence.  Giving it a glance I can see it covers the bases, so I have included the introduction. You will then want to view the entire 40 page document. While you are at it, check this out also- Abigail's Support Group for Women with an Abusive Partner. It is helpful information regarding your Internet History and what you should do for your safety's sake.

There are many women and men in our lives who have yet to understand the complexity of this issue. Though the script, typical for domestic violence, which I say is straight out of hell, lacks in creativity it makes up for it in deception, an insidious deception. The enemy loves to pit us against our brothers and sisters but we must and will resist. We must commit to endeavor to love one another even when we see each others' blind spots. WE ALL HAVE THEM.

Where is God in all the domestic violence going on? Does He really care? Yes! Because God not only cares, but loves us and wants to preserve our lives, His Word includes instruction and advice about domestic violence. 

One of the places we find this is in the story of King Saul and David in the book of 1 Samuel, in the Old Testament. The story of Saul and David provides a study of the patterns often seen in cases of domestic violence. 

Domestic violence is a pattern of misuse of power and control used against a household member or intimate partner. It is an attempt to coerce, intimidate, and control through emotional, verbal, physical, sexual, financial, religious, or other means. Domestic violence is more about power and control than about gender. 

The domestic violence we see King Saul carry out against David is between two males, yet it shows many of the patterns typically seen in spousal abuse today. The story of Saul and David helps us to understand what goes on in domestic violence relationships. 

Even if you've already left such a situation, this portion of 1 Samuel can help you to:
 Deal safely with a domestic violence relationship 
 Understand what may have happened in a past relationship 
 Protect yourself in future relationships 
 Teach your children to recognize and respond to domestic violence that might occur in their future relationships 

You are encouraged to read ahead through chapters16-26 of 1 Samuel. You will see that Saul showed many of the characteristics frequently seen among domestic violence abusers, including: 

1. Blames his abuse on David, the victim 
2. Has history of not taking responsibility for his actions, and using excuses 
3. Narcissism (the world revolves around him and what he wants) 
4. Extreme jealousy 
5. Controlling, watches his victim's every move 
6. Likes to bend or break the rules and defy the "system;" is rebellious 
7. May lie or not keep his word 
8. Repeatedly abuses, asks for forgiveness, then repeats the abuse 
9. Becomes obsessive about David and stalks him 
10. His religion was mostly an outward "show" to impress others 
11. He twists the intents and meanings of others, and sees evil in others' motives 
12. Lacks empathy, and a willingness to sacrifice others to get what he wants 
13. Is insecure 
14. Uses his position or power as a license to abuse 
15. Had difficulty loving his son 
16. Probable trauma or generational sin in his upbringing (see Judges 20) 
17. Can at times seem "possessed" or "out of his mind" 

As you read these chapters in the Bible, you will also see that David‟s experiences matched those of many domestic violence victims today. 

1. Tried to appease his abuser and had to "walked on eggshells" around him 
2. Found that all his efforts to appease his abuser and avoid violence didn't work 
3. Grew up with abuse in his family of origin: his brothers were abusive to him, and father treated him as inferior 
4. Found that some people were not willing to believe he was being abused 
5. Was stalked after fleeing his abuser The story of Saul and David has much to teach us about dealing with domestic violence. We have a God who provides wisdom from His Word to meet our every need (2Timothy 3:16) and who has promised to teach and guide us (Psalm 25:8, 9; Psalm 23:3)!

My son, Christopher'sSun.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Day 212: August 10, 2016 Head No Longer in Sand

Christopher Burkholder's Original Oh, Child

August 10, 2016
Day 212

Head No Longer in Sand

Have you heard of Diane Langberg? Or Leslie Vernick? What about Boz Tchividjian? Have you heard of Jeff Crippin? About two years ago I had not even heard one of the above four names. For 52 years I allowed myself to be uneducated for those who suffer. My head was in the sand. This was not according to God's plan, are you kidding? This was not ordained for me to look the other way. Not at all. This was Lynne's plan, the "Ignorance is Bliss" Plan. But God has awakened Rumplestiltskin and life will now never look the same. As a member of the family of God, will you join me?

Lynne: God, this is not fun! I do not want to do this.
God: Let's unpack this a little bit, Lynne. What did you think the word oppressed meant?
Lynne: It is so complicated.
God: Yes, I know. But you are now on the planet, you and your family. It is for you to show them my love, my care, my concern. The Holy Spirit will give you what is needed.
Lynne: I want them to know I am not abused.
God: Why?
Lynne: Well, because.
God: Lynne, when I hung on the tree I was between the two criminals looking like I committed a crime.
Lynne: Oh, God!
God: I am calling you to not only come alongside. I am calling you to get in between. Do not worry I am right there with you.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Day 211: August 9,2016 Introducing GPS

August 9, 2016
Day 211

Introducing GPS

Tonight a group of women from over ten different churches met at Conestoga Mennonite Church. We are endeavoring to develop a template for every willing congregation to use as a way to shepherd their members in crisis. We are calling it GPS. These three letters stand for a combination of the following: Gals protecting Sisters/Siblings or Guys and Gals protecting Sisters/Siblings or God protecting Siblings.

The Holy Spirit is calling the Body of Christ to love well as we pay attention to suffering within the Body. We are called to have God's eyes and God's heart. And we are called to listen with God's ears and bring to light the things that lurk in the dark. We endeavor to end the silence and to allow those suffering the right to use their voice. We are to be paying more attention to those in our midst who are in pain. We are endeavoring to learn more about issues that haunt our Body such as; domestic violence, pornography, addiction, incest, and child abuse. We are called to know the counselors and their levels of expertise in our surrounding areas. For we are to be the best referral system as we "stay in our lane" but be willing to walk alongside and in the sufferer's shoes. We are being called to a higher level of love.

We are excited to see how this will grow organically as each Body will have the freedom to develop the template into something well suited to their own particular needs. We see the Body of Christ reaching arms over denominational boundaries and locking hands. We see a working together towards freedom of the oppressed. God is working and calling men and women to act like brothers and sisters within the Body of Christ and the women who met tonight are hungry and anxious to see this happen.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Day 210: August 8, 2016 A Trip Straight out of Heaven

August 8, 2016
Day 210

A Trip Straight out of Heaven

View from Lazy Moose Pond

This past week was truly a gift, not to be taken for granted, nor lightly, and none of us are. We recognize that we did not earn this, deserve this, or warrant this trip. For in reality, we would not be able to touch this place with a ten foot pole if it were left up to us to earn it, deserve it, or warrant it! We simply enjoyed it and are grateful to the owners, Scott and Courtney, for offering it to us for the second year in a row.

Robert L. Treichler

Our Dad gave us a love for water early on in life. We have either been a passenger on a boat, knee boarding (early forms of), tubing, or skiing. Tyler, my handsome nephew is skiing behind his grandfather, the man in charge of the rope.

Theo and Uncle Chris

Theo sees his mommy on the inner tube with his Aunty "Icky" and cousin Jenna. The laughs, the joking, the throwing off, it was almost too much for the mom and Aunty Diane to watch. So we prayed.

Grandpa and Geoff

Geoff let us know that when we thought he was being funny he was just being himself. Welp, then, we were laughing at ya, buddy. He is hilarious and ridiculous and this is his charm.

Geoff pulled down by a snapper...

Wake boarding looks hard. My knee just aches watching them get on top of the water. Nicky has no problem. With her other family, the Sniders, she has done this before. It shows. Tyler is the best at assisting others.
Theo with "Gee" during her early morning quiet time..
My little guy was with me in the early am. Theo slept in our room and brought back wonderful memories. This little boy thrills my heart.

Lynn, Grandma and Sadie
Sadie is like a little dolly. You just want to hold this tiny little girl with a huge personality. Her great grandmother has had some wonderful moments with this little sweetheart. This week was a bonus for their budding relationship.

Grandpa, Theo and Sadie
My father and mother have always been naturals with children. To watch Theo and Sadie snuggle right into my parents is beyond beyond.

Kathryn and Jeffery
We really enjoyed getting to know Kathryn's boyfriend, Jeffery. He is from a family of nine and watching him engage, enlist, and entertain was heartwarming. Besides which he is kind to our daughter -key to her parents!

The pictures are in the hundreds. This week was a blast and we can not wait to do this again! Scott and Courtney, thank you for your generosity!

Chris and Tyler
RJ, Suzanne, Jenna, Diane

Jesse and Tyler
Jenna, Nicky, Chris, Jeffery
Christopher and Jenna