Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 175 Wealthy Burkholders

June 30, 2015
Day 175

I opened the floodgates
Tear rivers flowed
Tears of deep sadness
and turbulent woes

Tears of so wishing
for things I have not
To give to my children
to keep them from want

I know what's important
I know what will burn
but I so want my children
to have their own turn

He whispers my name
He has me to look
at all of the hurt
in his loving book

The faces look up
as I turn the page
the shunned, the tormented
the sexually shamed

They all have their names
He knows them each one
Not one of them would he
ever call "bum"

He whispers again
and asks me to look
again at my children
in his loving book

Their smiles, their contentment
at what life has given
their joys their excitement
their knowledge of heaven

All six of them given
more than their share
Snuggles till midnight
so they would care

Care for the hurting
Care for the lost
Care for the hungry
on account of the cross

Summer homes and vacations
never more than enough
Their wealth is their Savior
His love is their "stuff"

Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 174 Happy Birthday Geoffrey

June 29, 2015
Day 174

To My Dear Son Geoffrey,

Happy Birthday....I so love you Geoff! Intensely! I would give you the moon if I could! I would buy you a brand spanking new car! I would give you an entire new wardrobe! I would pay for you to travel to Europe! I wish I could give you a world class education! I would give you the computer of your dreams! I would redecorate your room!

Geoff, you have provided me with so much joy. I can hardly believe that it has been eighteen years of it. You have been that child that has loved talking late into the night. You have spoken of deep things, hurtful things, honest things, troubling things, intriguing things, many things! You are such an amazing person and I am so grateful that I had the privilege of housing you, loving you and being with you.

You have five other siblings that you have had to share so much with. You have had to share food, space in the car, bedrooms, couches, emotional space, and air time. This has not been easy and you have navigated well through all of this! You are so very patient and so very kind.

Geoffrey, please know that I wish the very best for you. Though I can not give you much money, I have and will continue to always give you rich amounts of time in prayer. I earnestly pray that you will continue to seek Jesus full heartedly.

Geoff's quote-" Mom, there are things you have given me in life that give me true happiness. It is a sad day when money buys those things."

Geoffrey, you have the ability to slice through and say it like it is. You are an amazing person! I love you!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Day 173 Day is Done

June 28, 2015
Day 173

Day is done.
Gone the sun.
Still so much to do.
There's tomorrow.
Not to sorrow,
lists will wait till coffee's brewed

Trying to write
but the fight
To keep eyes awake
Is too much for this
girl, sleepy
Needs to lay her head to

Dreams and dreamsł
and more dreams.
That is what she needs.
Then she'll wake up
Oh, the shake up.
She has much to do next day!  

But alas and alack
she is not to fret
All the things that
show on her list
are the things
she loves to do.                                                      

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 172 Supreme Court Ruling

June 27, 2015
Day 172

My dearest Theo,

I can not stop thinking about you in light of the Supreme Court's ruling, yesterday, Friday, June 26, 2015. Life as Grammy and Grampa know it, changed. But for you, Theo, it will be life as you know it. The Supreme Court ruled by a 5-to-4 vote that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage.

The Supreme Court, changed the law on the definition of marriage. Gay marriages are now legal in all fifty states. Some of our friends are ecstatic and some are afraid. But, Theo, you must remember that with love there is no fear. Theo, my dear grandson, you now live in a very different world from your Grampy and Grammy. However, this is what I know to be constant in this ever changing world, Love! Love can lead you.

Theo, we believe you were created by one man to love men (mankind) from every nation with the energizing love of this man. This love brings freedom to all relationships. This is our world view and it is based on our adherence to what we believe is the inerrant word of God. However, you will never, ever, be forced to believe how we believe. The man, Jesus Christ, whom we follow, is not a coercer and never encourages it. We are not called to be coercers either but bearers of love. There are many who follow Jesus and believe differently than we do and we love them just the same. For His love is not based on similarities but rather on His precious life.

This is what did not change. The Supreme Court will never be able to change the fact that a sperm from a male and an egg from a female is used to create life. This is beyond comprehension, the start of a human, as so much of life is, Theo. Maybe you will have an opportunity to multiply and if you are part of bringing life to planet earth it will be a result of the coming together of a sperm and an egg. No court of law will or can change this fact.

Theo, my dear grandson, my hope is that you will live the truth in love and with love, walk out the truth in love and with love and love the truth in love and with love. Love is your guide. Do not let different beliefs, different principles, different ways of expressing your faith, keep you from love. In fact let that be your fuel. What do you see Jesus doing? Do this.

Remember, that your family is part of an Invisible Kingdom. This kingdom was formed by a dying man who had the gift of life. The day He died, all was lost, the gift was nowhere to be found, no hope, no security, no plan, and no future. His death defined black hole. He walked silently to his death. Life ended the day He died. All was lost.

However, what seemed to be the end was the beginning. Never forget that "what you see is not always what is and what is, is not always what you see." Hope sprang forth from hard, solid concrete. It sliced through darkness that did not understand it. The Light walked right in the middle of sin. Jesus showed up and made food for his friends, the very ones who deserted Him in death. Love broke through and destroyed sin. He forgives sin.

This invisible kingdom is evident by our love for one another. We express this kingdom through acts of love, mercy and grace. Those in the kingdom are taught and encouraged to love profoundly and sometimes it looks offensive. We love because He first loved us. We do not base our love on our perfect alignment of our actions, our behaviors, our morals or our persuasions. We base our love on His perfect love.

Theo, my desire is for you to know Love personally and to let Him, true love and not fear, lead you.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Day 171 On The Road Again

June 26, 2015
Day 171

This morning at 4:30 am I was on the road again. However, this time it was with Kathryn. She is a videographer, among the other creative things she knows how to do, and she has a wedding near Boston, I am her ride. The first bridge, spans across the Delaware River and lands us in New Jersey. The basics of geometry found in the architecture of bridges in general intrigues me. Traveling to Rhode Island means traveling over a series of bridges.

"Full on" shots of the sun pull me in. Why do the rays point to where they point? How many rays are there? The answers to these questions would fascinate me.

Haikyo is a term used to describe the Japanese's fascination with old abandoned industrial sites. I, however, am enamored with the working monstrosities. They are huge, impressive, and beyond my comprehension.

The combination of the sun, the clouds and a bridge is enough to give this girl a jolt! Too much at one time and I am enthralled.

Road trips need to be my gig! I got my "to go" cup and with coffee and gas I can go anywhere. We are now heading onto the George Washington Bridge. For about twenty-six years we have avoided the GWB due to safety concerns. However, with the latest construction of the George Washington Bridge, you do not see stripped abandoned cars along the emergency lane like you did in years past. It seems a little safer, besides which, the Tapanazee Bridge really needs an update.

We headed off of Interstate 95 and onto Rt. 138 near Kingston Rhode Island. Rt. 138 brings back many memories from when I attended the University of Rhode Island. Kathryn relived some of them with me, poor girl. Tomorrow morning I am scheduled to have breakfast with the Vacarros, people who were influential in my life during that time. I so look forward to this. From Kingston we headed to Newport traveling over this nice beauty called the Claiborne Pell bridge.

Newport Rhode Island is enchanted and this was a perfect Friday morning. I so want to let you smell the air. How can it be bottled? Lynn Burkholder, please figure out a way. We wandered around and after obtaining lunch at Panera we drove along the Ocean Drive stopping to eat our salads. I had the Mediterranean and Kathryn the Asian. She purchased a strawberry smoothie for the both of us. Yeah, right, two gulps for me and the rest for her! Stingy!

We wandered down a dock. Kathryn looks like she belongs here. Where doesn't she belong?!

This is the Mount Hope Bridge and the amount of times I have traveled over this bridge is a wonderful number of times. A daredevil named, Steve Trotter, at age 18, climbed down a hundred foot cable from the center of the bridge. Though he was looking to be discovered and become a stunt man he was always discovered by the police. This same guy also went over Niagara Falls twice in a barrel. I had heard that the powers at be in Hollywood were not too impressed with his recklessness. I might be wrong but I do not think Steve Trotter is a stuntman today. Maybe he is.

Just look at those windows. Such beauty in a small town called Warren RI. I am now simply a few miles from my parents at this point.

My mother could not wait to show me her babies. I felt like Ginnie Lodge without the wildlife photographer finesse!

What a wonderful day. I will eek everything out of tomorrow and leave early Sunday morning.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 170 You Show Up

June 25, 2015
Day 170

Dear Friend (and you know who you are!),

YOU show up every time you enter my home and I love it!  YOU are vulnerable. You live your life on your sleeve. I love that about you. I cheer you on to be more vulnerable. Just continue to give us YOU because your honesty pulls us into loving you more.

And NO! I am not looking for you to mess up, referring to our “garden talk.” Are you freaking kidding? I am loving the way you do life. I love where your feet are directed. Sure, you might look like you might get whiplash sometimes, but join the great cloud! The witnesses looking down at us were mess ups allowing someone else to clean them up.

I know God relishes His girl. I can see Him smiling when you share. His gaze is priceless. He never falls asleep on you like I do. I am incapable of providing you with enough containers for your sharing. His containers are endless, He even keeps your tears. He can never get enough of you. He created eternity for you (and the rest).

Waiting for you to mess up? That's messed up! I do not see a mess up for I take my cues from Him. I see a woman living life in a sin sacked world navigating the obstacles with raw, fresh emotion and reactions! If you would say, “Google! What crowd should I care most about?” Google would answer, “The crowd that cheers you on.” This is cloud based. (Heb. 12:1) Satan loves pitting us against those familiar to us. But we are to tell the liar- GET BEHIND ME! It is not to the familiar ones. Don’t forget this, it will help you keep on the high road with relationships. Do not forget what's what and what's not!

My brilliant friend, you were courageous enough to brave the “other route” and delay the four year bachelor degree. You nailed the two year one. Being a follower kinda messes with schedules….just saying, so if you are feeling pressure to get something done, figure out where the pressure is coming from and turn off that blaring alarm! Waiting for you to mess up??? Puhleeze! No! You will see the way, you know what LIGHT to follow. This is half of the battle. There are many who have their degrees and are already dissatisfied and they will work it out as well. It all comes out in the wash, my friend!

Sure you have a ways to go, so do I! So do all the lovely looking folks. Unless someone is God, they have a long way to go - simple basic fact. Those who claim to be God have visiting hours and they are not free to leave their residence.

Thank you for who you are! You are spectacular. Our entire family is drawn towards you, we know we are among the godly.

Here's a little jig for ya:

If you’re messy and you know it say I am!
If you’re messy and you know it way I am!
If you’re messy and you know it,
Then your face will really show it.
If you’re messy and you know it say I am!

The world is not real keen on this jig. The one who looks at you with intense love, however,
depends on this jig because this is the only point from which He works!

I LOVE WHO YOU ARE! Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey! I mean this from the bottom of my heart. 

Cheers to you, Woman!

Your sleepy listener

ps. Notice I have not said anything like….I just know you are going to make something of yourself…...those are “worldly words.” I want nothing to do with that kind of pressure/encouragement. This is what I am confident of - God loves you and uses you and upon reflection you will see what He made out of you. His Hand is in everything. It is just that He's a messy cook!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 169 Long Day Short

June 25, 2015
Day 169

Today It has been a long day beginning at 3:45 am. I watched the sun rise with Beverly Shantz at 5:34 am in the high school parking lot.  There began the wonderful day with friends. I was out in the garden for a good portion of the day, my red face says it all.   I will leave it at that.  If I would try to write anymore than this, the editing in the morning would steal too much time.  Good night.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 168 Night Well Spent

June 23, 2015
Day 168

Sunday night was not meant for sleeping. At one thirty in the morning I awoke and wandered downstairs only to find Geoffrey sacked out on the love sack, so maddening. He should be in bed! That young man's sleep pattern has been out of whack since day one. He and Kathryn, stuck in the middle of the family, just never seemed to get the purpose of sleeping. I was one to talk that morning, I was not sure what the purpose was either. My frustration was unfounded. Little did I know how much Geoff and I were going to accomplish and how important it was for me to be awake.

He willingly let me tug and shlupp him out of the sack. However, he stopped at the dining room table to ask if the computer screen had changed. My Macbook pro was methodically circling and it was looming ominous. Geoff, is a brilliant man, and right then and there, he initiated diagnostic procedures.

He decided to swap out the hard drive for a newer one which was coming from his Macbook Pro. There began the dismantling and the intrigue. I began to inspect the parts while holding a RAM, a motherboard, a dismembered keyboard and other pieces of the inner workings from his computer. It should be tiny little brilliant men and women sitting at desks looking up surprised when we unscrew a computer and dismantle it. But instead we find hardware; tiny raised circles, bigger circles, rectangular shapes and small squares. These common geometric figures make up the maze, the wonder, and the magic!

So much of life is overwhelming when you try to think about what is really going on. How? Why? Where? When? Who? WHAT? Road work construction sites make my brain go flukey. To think of all the machinery coming together in an organized manner with smooth roads, tall bridges, or major interstates as finished products is beyond thinkable matter. The computer is just as unthinkable, it thrusts me into a confused state. The questions grow like weeds as I contemplate the different components; the motherboard, the RAM, the keyboard, and the hard drive.

In my mind I was explaining to the Apple computer guy, "Well, he told me he knew what he was doing. I should not have listened." But instead my confidence in Geoffrey rammed through the doubt. I found myself holding in my hand the hard drive that Geoffrey extracted from my computer. It is minuscule compared to the massive output it is capable of producing. This is mind blowing. This piece that fits into the palm of my hand stores my projects, my articles, my downloads, my pictures. I can push a button for all of it to appear on paper. How and what are we to think about this?

I stare at brilliance. I am a cheerleader of knowledge. I might not be on the field creating passes and plays with the heady stuff but I certainly jump and shout with enthusiasm. I marvel at the computer parts strewn on my dining room table, this is Tower of Babel material. Humans have always been able to create extraordinary things out of common ordinary materials. And my son Geoffrey, early Monday morning, provided me with a seemingly brand new computer. I am really glad I woke up at 1:30 am and likewise I am really glad Geoffrey had not made it to bed. It all computes.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 167 Scorecard

June 22, 2015
Day 167

If there was a scorecard sliced down the middle with the left side titled pro's and the right side titled con's, how would your's look today? Which side would be full? When my pro side is overflowing, oh, that is a great feeling. My children are not on my radar silently begging for prayer. We know where provision is coming from. Nothing is in need of repair. A full listing on the pro side is an empowering "feeling." But when the con side is full of  things that are out of whack such as repairs and relationships needing repair, then I "feel" desperate, off centered and in the dark.

A full pro list seems to let the light shine. During this time it feels like the dark times have been replaced.

This verse tells me of a light beyond circumstances. "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path." Ps.119 My light has nothing to do with circumstances.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day 166 He is the Father

June 21, 2015
Day 166

He knows before I cry exactly what I am going to cry about. He knows what I am going to say before I say it. He knows every single one of the horrible thoughts I have even before I think them.
He sees what I am going to do before I do it. He is the only one who sees it all, He sees everything.

He has seen every moment of my life. Every moment that I was sad, He knew. Every moment that I was happy, He was there. He knew where the moment was going and He did not leave me alone.

Not only was He there, He was waiting to be asked for all the help I needed. Every time I asked, He answered.  He answered differently many times and He did not always answer the way I wanted him to but He answered.

He was there. He was there when I remembered Him. He was there when I forgot Him. He was there when I didn't mention Him. He was there when I did mention Him.

He knows exactly what I need. He sees exactly what I need. He knows how every single need of mine is to be met. He hears me. He  understands me completely. He understands the exact meaning of everything I say even when it is cryptic to everyone else. He knows exactly what is needed for me to hear.

This Father will never leave me. This Father will never forsake me. This Father has known every sin I was about to commit. He knew about every sin before I committed it. When He died on the cross He witnessed every sin I would commit and He still died. This Father offers me grace and mercy, peace and love.

This Father provides for me all the time. If it were not for this Father, I would not be living because He provides every breath I take! You would think with all that He does for me, He would demand my love. He does not demand. He shows me His love.

I have the privilege of being Bobbie Treichler's daughter. He has modeled the Father's Love well. Thank you Dad for showing me many of my heavenly Father's loving attibutes. May my children look back with fondness on their Father.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day 165 The Honeymoon

June 20, 2015
Day 165

Marriage has been a lovely journey with a traveling partner I would choose every single time, my dear, dear husband, Lynn.  Our honeymoon stamped the look and feel of almost thirty years of existence with one another. We drove to the New England states with no reservations and no destination except knowing we really wanted to make it to Monhegan Island.  We learned during our road trip that traveling in this way suited us perfectly. Looking back, our time together during that undefined honeymoon road trip cast a lovely hue for what our married life would look like.

"No vacancy, no vacancy, no Vacancy, no vacancy." We created this song as we were trying to find a place to stay with thoughts pulling us back to wonder if maybe we should have considered some planning. Naw, we were singing Opera-tic style, enjoying our little tune, laughing at the thought of sleeping in the car. The next thing we know we are in an enchanted Bed n' Breakfast. This was the beginning of learning to know that we both are "edge livers" and we both enjoy impromptu Opera that flows with the current situation.  He is a silly man. I love that he is sillier with his family than the public.

We have always been very blunt with one another defusing so many situations, perceptions, brewing irritations that, unless dealt with head on they, begin to take on monstrous lives. This trip was no exception. We were now partners who previously had not needed to conference about every stinking decision until now. The amount of talking we did was olympic.

We covered ninety percent of the issues. At one point Nathan, Lynn's cousin, and he, traveled up the coast of New England and landed in Port Clyde, ME. There is a black and white photo of them sitting in the dining area of an ocean weathered inn tucked in the idyllic fishing village. "Lynn, did you have a better time with Nathan when you were here?" This was such a female question to ask only allowing one correct answer. He has never been a sucker for this trap. His answer was honest. He knows, though I kinda want to be lied to, I crave honesty! And if I am going to ask a stupid question, he is always going to "go there." It was an entirely different trip with a different agenda.

The dinner at Pemaquid point, the driving along Maine's coast, the silly talks, and the loveliness of being with a very kind and sensitive man are memories from this time with images that enhance with distance. It was only yesterday.

But it is was our time on Monhegan Island that Empires State Building tall pushing past the others. The Ferry ride through soupy fog, crashing over waves that splashed us soaking wet, making us laugh, the seals on rocks, this was full and overflowing with images that a stock photographer would crave. They have kept me company many a day.

We docked and went to the Inn. The Lobster bisque slurped in wet clothes filled us warmly with a taste that lives on to this day. Nowhere have we found anything that rivals this bisque. Nowhere. We wandered around this island, home to many artists, Jamie Wyeth being one of them. We went to an art gallery shocked to find a signed Jamie Wyeth print for only seventy-five dollars. Supply and demand set the price on the island. He did not take cards but allowed us to take it home and send him a check. There began a fun relationship with this gallery and that could fill an entire blogpost.

Today I attend a wedding. They are not my favorite, weddings that is, for I shudder knowing how the enemy will try to rip them apart. This couple is already a tool in the Hands of the Loving Lord. That is their protection and I earnestly pray that they are vigilant. We will soon be finishing our 29th year of marriage. It is with the same man and six kids looking like a blended family. Only God's grace and His view on life has kept our ship afloat. If I had to dock it would be at Monehagan Island off the coast of Maine and all I would want with me is Lynn Burkholder from Red Lake, Canada!

(picture we purchased by Jamie Wyeth)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Day 164 Wedding Flowers

June 19, 2015
Day 164

I say no to many things and I say yes to far more. Yesterday I was raiding my friends' flowerbeds. They allowed me to raid because tomorrow I bring more than 25 bouquets for table decorations and the bouquets for the bride and her maids. And NO!!! I have never done a wedding before. Yes, I arrange flowers for my invited guests to dinner but not someone else's invited guests for their WEDDING! Where does my self-confidence come from? Who do I think I am????  For all I know I might be the bad chapter in their wedding story.

In the afternoon, Kathryn and I set out in pursuit of the first batch. We landed in Linda and Paul's never ending trail of flowers. I actually remember when there were none on their wooded property. Not now. They are everywhere. It felt like I was picking strawberries. Just when you think you are done, you then see the perfect strawberry and you pick it and are revived to pick on. The flowers became more and more beautiful. I could not stop cutting. Deep pinks, brilliant greens, vibrant yellows are the colors that called loud.

Kathryn joined me again this morning with a running commentary to match my spastic ways. "Lynne, always says, you can't have enough lavender." I never say that except for today. Trish, the owner of one of the flower gardens, thought bunches of lavender wrapped in twine would be a nice flare on the tables. Too much enchantment. I couldn't get enough. Yes, I have seen this before but when it is you tying the twine, it becomes even lovelier. I love sedem in arrangement and Trish's sedem was tall, strong and striking.

Pam had bunches of hydrangea that were like scoops of delicious vanilla ice cream at times looking like purple sherbet. I took handfuls of these woody beauties. Terri had dill that adds such an amazing firework flare. Honestly, how can you go wrong arranging such beauty.

My prayer all along was, "Please, God, keep my confidence in check." To be second guessing when one is flower arranging is time consuming. But today I began to think, why did I not add to my prayer, "And please add skill to the confidence." To be confident is only good when you are skilled. To be confident and stupid, well, today it would be disastrous. I need skill.

My daughter Robyn came and joined me. We arranged sixteen bouquets together. This is relaxation. To choose and cut, to place and arrange, to pull out, to put in, to stand back and to get up close, it is all a form of mediation. You get into a rhythm. It truly is a happy place.

Then came Laura. When she walked in I greeted her and thought that she was with her younger daughter, Emily. But it was her sister, Jeannie, who owned a florist shop for seven years. "Lynne, do you want her to help?!" Wait? You have to be kidding! A florist just walked into the studio and she could help me eloquently wrap the bridal bouquets, the very thing I have been trying to learn via Pinterest and YouTube.

"YES!!! Jeannie, would you please help me?!" She agreed and off went Laura while her sister and I did flowers together. We were complete strangers getting to know one another over a project due the next day! She wrapped the bouquets exquisitely, made corsages, and created four amazing flower arrangements of which I studied after she left. Having owned a flower and now a hospital gift shop we spoke in kindred ways regarding self employment. It was perfect. We created loveliness while getting to know one another.  It was exactly what I needed. And all this for a wedding of a lovely young woman marrying a lovely young man.

Emily and Ryan are worth the wonderfulness of my friends. I know that each friend would love this couple. Though I do not know Ryan and will meet him for the first time tomorrow, I know and love Emily. She is a minister of the faith, pastoring a church in Lancaster, and might already have her doctorate. She is a true woman of stature and godliness. She would not marry just anyone! She has too much going for her. So, I know Ryan is the husband of her and God's choice.

Yesterday and today was a dive into beauty for a definite purpose. I am wealthy with riches no one can steal. God, may this marriage be full of your goodness, beauty beyond belief, and friends that give freely. May Emily and Ryan's day be full of wonder! And may they be as rich as Lynn and I!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 163 Slice of Life

June 18, 2015
Day 163

Slice of life at the Burkholder Home..............

The morning started off right; coffee and Deborah in my backyard. We sat in my circular outdoor dining room beneath the gorgeous birch tree. Twenty some odd years ago, Cindy and Lanny gave this tree to us as a welcome gift to our new home. Deb and I drank coffee and caught up on each other's events.

Jesse and I went to see Fergie's little puppies. The little puppy on the left is who we want to bring home. The little girl blends right in with her mommy.

Yesterday was the quintessential day to pull weeds. They came out easily and the soft soil slipped off the roots. To me this is such a relaxing thing to do when the conditions
are such. Katie Schwartz came into the yard, plunked down, and gave me the low down of her recent events. To weed and listen to a real live person is pure summer fun.

Time runs fast in the garden and it surprised me when D'Lury walked into the yard. It is already one o'clock? Yes, it is past one o'clock. I dismissed ourselves into the house while Katie agreed to drive Nicole Suzanne to her friend's home. D'lury shared a prophetic word picture she was given about Lynn and I and our home. I am going to need to ask her again everything she said, I already forgot. The hope, the mercy and the grace that was expressed was what I clung to. D'Lury and I spoke about other things and then she left.

Katie S. came back and we hopped in the car as she agreed to go to WalMart with me for supper fixings. Upon arrival home I breaded the chicken (gluten free-Kathryn!) fried it in butter on the stove in my iron skillets and then popped it into the oven along with yummy french fries. We boiled some asparagus to have as well. Quite the combo. I then headed back to the garden.

While in the garden, Kimberly came for our weekly discipleship bible study. We disciple each other and we love being together. She was still in her working clothes but she wanted to be put to work so she weeded. I had weeded enough room to plop in the assortment of plants Laura E. had given to me; tomato, peppers, basil, cilantro, parsley, blue flowers, cosmos, and marigold.   Kimberly and I spoke of deep things while we worked in the soil. It was fitting.

We then went inside to pull the dinner together. We filled our plates and walked to the backyard dining room. Sitting down all together is a challenge, it always has been. But eventually we were all around the table in the backyard.

A friend of Kathryn's showed up, Louis. She introduced us to him. He handled the introductions with finesse. Kathryn and Chris then went into the studio where Kathryn videoed Chris's weekly cover - Mirrors by Justin Timberlake. We all filed into the studio after bringing the dirty dishes to the kitchen and were the audience.

Pure fun to listen to Chris perform, it always brings me to another zone. Louis agreed to dance to Kimberly's drumming. A drum set sits in the studio for the summer months. His dancing was beyond perfection! Just amazing. We then begged Kimberly to sing her song she wrote, "Testimony." Jesse played the drums while Chris played the guitar. Inspiring.

Louis danced at least two more times for us. Kimberly then gave a poetry recitation of one of her own poems. Nicky did interpretive dancing alongside. After her interpretation, Nicky Sue was a bit embarrassed as she realized this poem was deeper than her interpretation. But she was pretty darn close. Quick Nicky Sue!

While we were in the studio Jack, Ben and Dawson showed up. They were going to play video games when Geoff returned but in the meantime they were getting things set up before his arrival. Kimberly needed to go home to bed and after hugs all around she left for the night. Louis had left before her.

What a wonderful day and evening June 17 was! The afternoon is no indicator of what the night will hold. I love this!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 162 The Pool Beggar

June 17, 2015
Day 162

I am a snake on a rock soaking up heat to warm my body during the summer months. I love the summer's heat. I also love water just as much. Summer heat and water are a combination that brings me life. In fact my name, Lynne, means dweller by the pool. Guess what my husband's name, Lynn, means? It means pool. I am Lynn's dweller.

Growing up, we never had a pool membership. Yes, I was disappointed and maybe even a little bitter. Therefore, riding bike past backyard pools was my job. It was with the hope that they would have pity for a hot biker pedaling towards heat exhaustion. So, this meant frequent flybys because they were never outside. These pools were so rarely used it killed me. They were dream come trues and nobody used them!

Swimming is free movement, daydreaming, slicing through the water. Do you want to front somersault or back somersault or dolphin down? Do it, your'e in wonderful buoyant water. Water gives you options land never will. And knowing how to swim gives you fins to go where non swimmers do not dare. Never did I tire of swimming. I was always the first one in and the last one out.

My personality as a child was that of a mini-adult minus the tact, wisdom, or timing. I was in your face relentlessly asking you questions, talking a tin ear off of you, playing the piano loud enough for the next town over to hear, or cartwheeling into rooms assuming you wanted to see a routine. I never once thought about asking you if I could do any of these things, my self-confidence was intact and I just assumed you were waiting for me to entertain you. So, you either loved Lynne Beth Treichler or you endured her. My large personality took me years to fit into and some folks just didn't have the patience.

In one of the neighborhoods I lived, there was a family who had another water option for the summer-a pool membership. I could hardly handle this. To be a member of a local pool, to me, was a step up into extreme wealth. This killed me. I would watch them pack their coolers, throw pool paraphernalia in their car and run back to get the lotion. How did I see this? I might have been positioned right in their personal space zone. But hey, a little girl's gotta see what a little girl's gotta see.

One day it happened, they invited me. I was actually going to a pool, their pool, a membership pool. More than likely the invitation was coerced but sometimes the lack of options encourages desperate actions. When a child is offered something they tend not to hem and haw, they just say yes. Sometimes they even grab at it before its fully given. Is that what Christ is referring to when He tells us to come to Him like a child? Just a thought.

I was at the pool, not minding my own business, relentlessly teasing the boy. I thought we were having fun. Emphasis on "I thought."  I appeared out of nowhere to hear the son speaking with his mother. "Mom, why did we bring her?"

Why did we bring her? Words have a way of slicing and dicing. And these words kicked me into reality. I had so much to learn about "working the crowd."  I remember thinking different things. One was pure embarrassment, the other was irritation-what a Debbie Downer. However, I did learn something that day. If you want to go to the pool, as bad as I did, you better mind myself and try not to pester the family who gave you the invite.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 161 End Times Scare

June 16, 2015
Day 161

Gordon College boasts an impressive piece of property. Behind the college are paths that wind around ponds and a small lake, truly a beautiful place to be contemplative. During my stint at college, I loved romping on these paths while my mind wandered to thoughts, concepts and far off places. However, like so many gorgeous places on earth there was talk of satanic rituals occurring in these forests. The Salem witch trials distanced by many years was near by. Every once in a while someone would speak of the maintenance crew tearing down altars in the woods. This discussion would always emerge past midnight luring us to procrastinate. And we would somehow always come to the end times topic. Here we knew just enough about end times to do some theological damage.

One night I found myself hunted by terror in these woods. Till the day I die, I will never forget that night!  My friend, Bill, and I decided to walk home from a memorial service held at one of the professor's home. This service was for our friend Becky Donaldson. The day she turned 21 she died. She was running with our friend, Lotty Wagner, and she completed four miles for her first time. Unbeknownst to her family, her heart had a problem. It was sudden, it was tragic, and it was the beginning of our Junior Year at Gordon that she died.

Bill and I were walking home from the memorial service and I am not entirely sure why. It was a four mile hike in the dark. Maybe we wanted to leave early and debrief. We were a bit undone by Becky's eulogies. We knew she would have been too. We were convinced she would have wanted more honesty and less flattery. Our hearts were heavy and bothered. We left and walked into the dark.

As we were walking around the steely dark lake where you knew something lurked, it slowly began to happen. Our conversation slowly gravitated to the end times. The trees began to take on different shapes, the noises slowly came from odd places. This pulled us in even further to completely, persistently, and relentlessly labor on about apocalyptic stirrings. For we knew so much. We probably could have written a commentary on Revelation right then and there. Or at least Bill could have.

We had a hunch of who the antichrist was and we didn't want to alarm anyone, but, we thought he might be on campus...... Yes! This was scary information and we were discussing it in the woods, late at night with the moon coming through the trees (probably) and the waters hiding the unknown. To add to this drama our friend has just died, suddenly. Alfred Hitchock craves these settings.

Then it happened. In the dead of the night Bill stopped me. The moon, the rustling of the trees, the forming of our very own horror show petrified me beyond belief. I am always one for a good scare but this scariness blew off the charts. I had one question and one question only. Why on earth would he stop me in my pursuit of light to cast me further into the pit of fright?

He peered into my eyes. His eyebrows arched demanding my attentiveness. He was about to make another alarming and terrifying point. So I did what I knew I had to do. I bolted. I ran so hard I cared less about catching my breath. I gave him no warning of my escape, it startled him. He began to run as well (at least I think he did).

We hightailed it out of the dark. Two antichrist scaredycats. We ran to the light like summer bugs towards a hanging bulb. To be frightened in the woods is complete emotional claustrophobia. We ran far from that moment. But that moment runs after me. I will never forget that night.

The end times is here and has been since the cross. It is questionable, however, that Gordon College dormed the antichrist.... time will tell, time will tell! One thing is for darn sure, we were two highly dramatic college students running for our lives out of a dark and scary woods. On our way out we probably disturbed an altar. No one will ever know for sure.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 160 More Than Enough

June 15, 2015
Day 160

Lynn and I have had a hand to mouth existence. Had I been employed since 1986, the year of our marriage, this simply would not be so. A christian financial advisor back in the day, 1990-ish, was shocked our household had only one income. Uh, this shocked me! A C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N??? questioning my call to be a stay at home mommy? Has he read his B-I-B-L-E????!!! A lot has changed since then, oh, a lot. I cheer on that woman who works, I honestly do. She is capable and more than. And no, she is not trying to win any awards, she is simply doing what she knows she needs to do. She is far more organized than I ever was! In retrospect, I should have been employed with something. I was probably too lazy. But here we are now.

Self-employment is the only thing Lynn and I know how to do stress free. We are that entrepreneur breed. We bungi jump off cliffs, day in and day out. Mt. Everest calls to us who would rather live on the cliff's edge in need of rescue than live beyond the edge as rescuers. Literally, we just want to shoot ourselves when we think of a 9 to 5 job. It spells B-O-R-E-D-O-M. We are perfectly paired, though I do wish I could have given the man more accounting help. He wanted me to be the bookkeeper early on in our marriage but I knew (and my family) that he really needed more time with me to discover the error of this thought. His desires/expectations would change. And change they did. The garden of Eden has angels to keep people out, I'll just leave it at that.

Lynn and I both know the feeling of money coming in, large chunks, good feeling. It is intoxicating. The sky looks bluer, the options dress up, the air smells cleaner and you just love people a little better. Your insides just scream, YES!

We also recognize almost thirty years later the illusion this is. Money is powerful based on the owner, the user's perspective, motivation and need. Money doesn't clean you up upon arrival. It has no power unless you give it power. The Old Testament is a great place to go to understand how to handle money. No one is asking us to give financial seminars or even to lead a financial small group. We have so much to learn.

This morning, driving down a beautiful PA road, the words - MORE THAN ENOUGH, BEYOND BEYOND, walked into my mind and stood. They were there to lead my heart to the spiritual place that soars beyond financial restrictions defying gravity. This place gets perilously close to looking presumptuous. My pride, oh my pride can hardly handle it. I want it to look like WE are providing, making smart and business savy moves! But God bids me to come to the large place, the undeserved place.  He asks me to ask Him for wisdom. But, God, I have asked for the same piece of wisdom regarding the same situation. Honestly, you will give me more wisdom?

Yes, He says to me everytime. And He does it without condemnation. There is never a response similar to what we hear people say, "You should have known better. I gave you that advice last month. Why do you keep doing the same stupid thing." This seems too good to be true. But God's wisdom goes like this, it is too good and it is too true. Pulling yourself up by your bookstraps just gives you a big ole wedgy.

Today He asks me to live beyond my wildest imagination. He tells me that He is More than enough. He reaffirms to me that He is the provider of all providers. The forty million dollar endowment to Harvard, c'mon Lynne, honestly, if the world can do these kinds of things, what do you think I can do.

But God we have not done it right. The words do not leave. You got that right!
Lynn and I need a financial miracle. We need BEYOND BEYOND. We are banking on the fact that Jesus is MORE THAN ENOUGH. The bank is not banking on this fact but a fact that speaks of not more than enough. This faith is placed in the stream of goodness, the fresh clear and living water. Let me here you say an Amen!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 159 Soul Mirror

June 12, 2015
Day 159

Just as I open my mouth ready to give You, yes You, some unsolicited advice,
(I know it's rude but sometimes I am really rude), God sends me back to my room,
shuts the door, and says, "Girl! Ya gotta look in the mirror. Go! Now!"

"But God, I might become vain. You keep having me look in the mirror."

"Oh, you have nothing to worry about, friend. You know we're talking the Soul Mirror.  C'mon, you need to have a look, Lynne."

"Ewww, gross! This looks awful! God, how did those things get there? They are disgusting. So huge!"

With precision this Soul Mirror slices through the flesh and x-rays right into my soul.

"Lynne, you need to come to this mirror with more frequency. Once you see something, recognize it for what it is, all you have to do is ask Me to forgive, or to help, or to heal - I'm on it! Pronto!"

This Soul Mirror slices and dices,
shows me my motivation,
reflects my cravings, and
reveals my fears.
But most importantly this Soul Mirror calls me to repent.

Only Jesus knows how to reveal disgusting things in me while loving me fully, beckoning me to come to Him. He is so lovely, so very lovely. The disconnect between his loveliness and my lack of is miles high. And this is the gospel!

What was I going to tell you??????

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 158 Spiritually Large, Physically Small

June 13, 2015
Day 158

Today, how am I to physically live in light of the spiritual reality that, truly, I am an alien on this planet? The physical culture I find myself in has nothing to do with the spiritual culture I have chosen to obey. My values or goals are not in line and my physical location has nothing to do with my spiritual location. Though, my spiritual location has everything to do with my physical location. It might seem that I am in line with this culture as I have a degree, a home, a family, a car and a regular routine, l love facebook and I instagram religiously. But slice through all of that and you will discover a spiritual relationship that navigates me and views all of that very, very differently.

The spiritual life I live is the real deal, the true reality. In a game of Rook we would say my spiritual life trumps my physical one. The goal of a given day is not to advance my ways, my thoughts, my ideas and my plans. The spiritual goal is to grow closer to the one with whom I am in a relationship. If you could hear from within my physical body, the inner spiritual talking, the constant chatter, you would deem me a crazy lady. I listen to a Spirit not from this world. My ship is steered by a different rudder.

Our home is to serve not to impress. Trust me it doesn't. Renovations are needed, necessary and good. As soon as we can, they will be forthcoming.  People walk in and sense something, and many can not put their finger on it. It always amazes me how they fall in love with this place, this place in need of finishing touches - emphasis on FINISH. They search for physical reasons; " just love the floor, " "this reminds me of the old home I grew up in." But many do not understand that they are actually connecting with something beyond the physical.

My home does get me down, I do want it to be finished and my friends tell me over and over again, "Lynne, they are not coming for your home." Ah, yeah, and about that, I would like, just once, if they did. The physical reality pales in light of the spiritual reality. This home is run by an understanding that the family unit is important, relationships are top priority. You want to sit and snuggle? You want to keep me up way into the night because this is the only good time for you to finally share? Ok, we will lose sleep because of that and I would rather sit and snuggle than paint and struggle. I am actually not a multi-tasker at heart and some of my dear friends in the same spiritual community I am part of are able to live out the spiritual culture while maintaing their physical home. I, unfortunately, am not real good at that. The Kingdom I belong to offers me comfort with this lack of management.

My stuff is your stuff. All of these spiritual twists on physical things are taxing and sometimes downright frustrating but my spiritual bent allows me to view life and situations with an entirely different perspective. Budget for food? Do you realize how frustrating that would be? We live in a highly accessible location, it is easy for you to drop by and visit. And visit you must and eat you will. You will not find me disgusted by the extra pieces of food you just ate. God is the supplier and when resources get low it just might mean- He's closing up shop! And I know that is simply not true.

My relationships are not my tools for advancement. Rather, my relationships are to grow me into a more loving person. They are to bring me to a deeper understanding of friendship. The spiritual realm I am part of prioritizes healing. In light of that I view all of my relationships with an eye on wholeness. Therefore, I am to monitor my actions. My words must be checked before they exit. Is this joke for my benefit or will it throw my friend into a quagmire? Are these words redemptive or destructive?

I spend intentional time with my friends. If need be, I will reschedule busy days when one is in need. I stop what I am doing when one visits and I visit with them. My nonverbal cues welcome them. My desire is for them to be whole and spiritually directed and so my conversations are fueled in light of this. My encouragement to them has more to do with their wholeness than my ever constant needs and a desire to manipulate. Though, I am so needy, my spiritual world reminds me I am not in want. My relationship with my Maker fulfills the deep need for constant connection therefore I do not need to tax anyone beyond normal boundaries.

These are just a few of the differences between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of the world. I am a physical gal living large in a spiritual way. The differences are distanced by an eternity. My home, my stuff, my relationships, are physical realities that I am now allowed to view with an entirely different perspective, a free perspective. I might not look different on the outside but the inside is motivated by spiritual principles and an understanding that soars beyond any physical limitation. God did a wonderful thing one day. He sacrificed it all allowing me to live spiritually large in a physically small space.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 157 Vote For Pete and Brittany Mountz's Roof

June 12, 2015
Day 157 

Hey! Everybody! 

What an honor to welcome Brittany Mountz to my blogsite. This will be the most interactive post you will have read to date. Why? Because after you read this you will have the opportunity to make a big difference for this family. Brittany is a blogger herself and I would encourage you to visit her site called Fifty-Two. You will definitely enjoy her take on life. Now, if only her mother would create a site for us to enjoy her photography! But I digress.  

After you read this please go to Vote For Mountz's Roof. When I last checked they are at 37% which is a close second. Let's get this to 100%.  Let's flood social media! You can go to the site: Vote For Mountz's Roof and post it on your facebook page or post this blogpost. 

You will enjoy reading the following from Brittany. In advance, thanks for your interaction. God's got them covered and He is allowing us to be part of His endeavors. 

Did I mention Vote For Mountz's Roof ?
~     ~     ~    ~  ~     ~     ~    ~  ~     ~     ~    ~  ~     ~     ~    ~  ~     ~     ~    ~  ~     ~     ~    ~  ~    
Hello! Thanks for welcoming a new voice on Lynne’s blog. I’m honored to be one of her 365 posts and I appreciate you taking the time to read my words.

I’ll be up-front with you all: I’m writing with an agenda. We need votes in order for our home to win a new roof and I’m going to be asking for yours. We’re one of four finalists in Berks County to win a free new roof installed by Mast Roofing and Construction. Three weeks of voting will determine the winner.

We bought our home in 2012 and it was clear from the first time we set foot inside that owing it would be a dream come true. It’s exactly what we love: historic, full of slanted floors and high ceilings and behemoth radiators and tons of charm. But lest you think it’s purely dreamy, let me assure you that we’ve had our share of nightmares. Flooded basement, bats in bedrooms, scraping old paint from the gingerbread front porch, fallen gutters, and a leaking roof. We’ve been overwhelmingly blessed with solutions for most of these issues and have been given so much help in upkeeping our precious dinosaur of a home. But the need for a new roof is one we don’t think we can manage alone. We don't know exactly what ours would cost to replace, but with two main roof sections (one of which is veeeery high) and two porches, we know it would be pretty steep. No pun intended.

If our house were smaller - and closer to the ground - we would re-shingle it ourselves with friends as volunteer labor. We tried to get some insurance money for hail damage, but were told that most of the damage up there is not from hail. It's just an old, tired, weather-beaten, dying roof.

For months now, I’ve been called back again and again to the passage in Mark 5 about Jesus raising the dead little girl. While Jesus is on his way to heal her from an illness, the messengers bring word that she has died. They tell the grieving father, “Don’t bother Jesus anymore. It’s all over now.” But Christ ignores the naysayers. I picture him cupping the dad’s crying face in his hands, forcing him to meet His eyes. "Don’t be afraid. Just believe," He says. In the absence of an easy solution, He promises something better. He essentially says "What looks like death to you is really just a chance to show off my power." And He rolls up His sleeves and you know a big miracle is coming. So we've put the crushing burden of our dying roof into God's hands and asked Him for a miracle.

Maybe this contest is our miracle. Maybe it's not. If we're not the winning house on June 21st, then we know there's another answer to this desperate need.

But as we pray for an answer - any answer - I ask you to vote. You can cast one vote per email address at tinyurl.com/ourfreeroof. And if you're willing, please share this post, or the voting link, with your friends and family members and communities and ask them to vote.

And when your hope is lost and you're about to quit, listen closely and you'll hear Him tell you the same thing: "Why are you discouraged? Why are you giving up? Don’t be afraid. It's not over. It's all just about to begin. Just believe."

Written by: Brittany Mountz

Go crazy and let's use Social Media for His Glory!