Wednesday, July 19, 2017

His Love Doesn't Ever Stop - July 18, 2017

I live in a realm where I can scale mountains with no gear, swim through treacherous storms with no life vest, race through parched deserts with no water. I can do all things. And the greatest thing I can do is love past your pain. He taught me.

He demonstrated sacrificial friendship the day He died for me. And now He nudges me towards you while filling my heart with a sense of privilege and joy. He sees through your hurt, pain, walls of defense and guides me, sherpalike, through your treacherous heart scared paths.

Every step I take towards loving you, I see Him. I see his search and rescue mission for me. I see his painful death, for me. I see my debts vanish like vapor leaving me with more money in the bank then I will ever need. The geyser of thankfulness welling up from within the depths of my soul gushes out, to you. Don't blush. Accept.

His love multiplies like cells out of control taking over every inch of someone's body. His love spreads like an oil slick invading every green inch of the environment. His love burns like a wildfire raging toward a dry and brittle village. His love invades with more precision than any desert trained soldier will ever accomplish. His love moves forcefully like an unexpected tsunamis overcoming densely populated areas. His love floods an entire planet.

His love is out of control: out of our control.

Friendships in this realm know nothing of burning bridges. They simply know His love's width, breadth, and height. Massive. His love just doesn't stop. Nor will it ever.

I love you.