Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 29, 2017 Dear Lynne, You've Said You're Busy. But..."

"To listen to an elder and do what they
advise allows you the chance to be listened to and watch someone
do what you advise." Lynne T. Burkholder

Letter from my Writer Mentor - John Calsin


You've said you're busy. But people came to look forward to what you had to say and what God had to say through you. Now my two cents worth.

I was never comfortable with the last few of your posts. Since you've not written for awhile, you could easily leave that topic (temporarily, or longer??) and just take, literally, 10 to 15 minutes a day, and snapshot how busy you are, what's going on--since everyone is busy tell what your business entails--why you haven't written. If God gives you a sentence or two insight for a post, great, if not, that's ok.  Just keep writing. Make it simple. An object lesson--yeh. No object lesson--that's ok. Just keep writing. Whatever your business deals with that day, or yesterday--post it whenever possible and keep it simple.  Business? Family? Your ministries? Whatever. Write it (with wisdom when necessary). Tell about the environmental aspects of your coffee. Tell about one your kid's happenings. Whatever. Just keep writing.

Yours for the Harvest,
John Calsin



You never mince words, you point out differences, and you never shy from a good debate, hence - I like you. I have no idea why you are uncomfortable with my last two posts, but heck, that is equally what I appreciate about you - your frankness. 

My two year writing escapade fulfilled my goal - to write, to show up, to use words, exercise my voice - EVERYDAY. And I did that, shy of a month (the last year writing was scattered from October till December). And oh, what I learned. The editing was schooling. The mental space awarded to myself daily was rewarding. 

Due to the fact that feedback was a challenge with the blogpsot.com site and people found it hard to respond, it always caught me off guard when people, out and about, some I knew and others I did not, would thank me for writing. They thanked me for vulnerable, authentic posts. Their responses delighted me. And I had no idea of the motivation I would provide for others to daily or consistently write. Who knew? Many began blogging. They say creativity breeds creativity. It's true, I watched it happen.

The writing brought me places, amazing to experience. The surprise and intrigue of where I would "show up" was fascinating. And I do miss that daily discipline. So, John, I am taking your advice. Thank you friend.


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