Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 31, 2017 Always Ready for a Run to Philly

It is midnight and I just returned home from a trip into Philly. I love that city.  Nicky Sue and her friend, Hayley Jane, decide to surprise their buddy, Abigail, who lives there. Tonight is a beautiful night for the drive in and a lovely visit in the Sniders gorgeous courtyard. My dear friend Maggie who comes to visit me this afternoon decides to buddy in with me. I want to take her to my favorite pub in the city, St. Stephens Green, which we will do after we drop off the girls.

I met Maggie around Nicky Sue's age of sixteen. I love our history, to have known her this long comforts. Last Thursday Maggie and I found ourselves in a warm and inviting living room in Phoenixville with Saige, Christa, and Claire. This was their first time meeting Maggie and it was fitting, necessary and refreshing to all of us as Maggie, a spiritual director, led us in a lectio divina exercise using a passage in Matthew. We all needed it. Maggie is my favorite introvert, I was tickled she came late and even more so that she directed us to the quiet place.

Tonight I am equally surprised at her willingness to hop on the Schuylskill and buzz into the city with me. She is a great navigator reminding me of Janet Oberholtzer's killer navigational skills. We love our time at the Sniders in Kensington. She does not want to leave and after a few drinks, some appetizers (I shamelessly gobble) and good conversation we say goodbye to the hospitable family and head to St. Stephens Green. There, we laugh, we eat and we discuss the finer points of life ( ok, not many at all, just a few ). A perfect end to a perfect day.

To allow the unfolding of a day is one of my most favorite things to do. To do it with someone makes me even happier.

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