Friday, June 2, 2017

June 2, 2017 Life Goes Forward

Friday Night Kids overflows with children and parents. The event this evening is seamless, joyful and fun. Children come to the pavilion in West Reading. Nicky Sue and I are privileged to be a part of this moment.

One woman who brings her son every year told me of her recent back injury. I ask, "Can we pray for more healing?" Yes, she thinks that sounds great. We pray asking God for more. I silently add, "Please God!"

Say Cheese, a corner restaurant on Penn Avenue, is the perfect place to end the evening. Jenny joins us. We catch up and move forward into good conversation over gluten free grilled cheese, tomato bisque and sweet potato fries. Lynn joins us. He was just down the street at Relish making sure the Nitro keg fit. They are serving our Nitro on tap this weekend. Good call Relish, good call.

Earlier in the afternoon, Saige and I speak on the phone of the new bible study she is forming. God desires for us to be involved in one another's lives. He is moving and we are following. Sisters loving sisters in more and more profound ways. We both believe this summer study will change lives, we are already seeing it.

I must sleep for we travel in the afternoon to Rhode Island to celebrate my nephews graduation party on Sunday. First things first.

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