Thursday, December 22, 2016

Day 262: December 22, 2016 Gravitational Issues

December 22, 2016
Day 262

Gravitational Issues

I hear the call. I must heed and write for I know it will soothe, calm, and organize. I am not stressed even though I'm twirling like a compass with gravitational issues looking at life from four different angles. To write is to heal, instructional, and full of surprises. The more I write, the better I think and sometimes the more I write the clearer my thoughts become. To write will put things in perspective, a nail in the coffin to confirm my joy. (for those who know me well - I am not being sarcastic)

The Christmas season is enchanted for me and on many accounts. Life is in the air. I smell it. I breath it. I hear it. I live it. And furthermore, He, the One whom I serve, is alive and well! Christmas is Sunday and the tree is slumped in the corner, it came out of the basement, traveled to the backyard to air and returned to the living room. The room is full of life while the tree slumps dead. Every time I look at this fake tree I laugh. For there ain't no xylem and phloem pulsing through its middle, it is faker than fake. Yet it looks exhausted from the hoopla. Everyone looks exhausted. 

Mornings are spent opening the Gazebo. This hinders the logistics of Christmas preparations but I love it! If you come at 6 am you could be part of my opening ceremony. I hum the Olympic song as I march out the Open flag. My legs clip clip in orderly fashion and I definitely make a big deal of placing the flag in its holder (the only one on the side of the Gazebo). Do not even think of mishandling this dear emblem of buisness. This flag represents our simple and growing economy. My morning begins grateful not only for every drop of the precious cup of coffee but for this business opportunity. Right. Outside. My. Very. Own. Home. 

Customers since Thanksgiving ask me daily, "Are you prepared?" I catch everyone of these words and love the game. It allows me to speak of our Christmas simplicity. For years we have exchanged names and our children do a treasure hunt for money. The amount of gifts under the tree is minimal. So, "Yes! I am prepared." Though the compass is a bit off kilter, yes, I am prepared. 

And this is what I am really prepared for -

To live out the coming days with a sense of expectation for the unexpected, the unimaginable, the unbelievable of all things good, true, pure and right.

To continue to learn new things as I have begun to take the free courses offered by Standford University. My first is the Economy Course taught by John B. Taylor. Check it out -

To continue to be informed of the World's events - it matters. 

To continue to be more mindful of our home, our business and the worlds' environment. 

To be a better steward of our money and possessions.

To learn at least one new word a week and use it. 

To learn more about the Native Americans and their plight and talk about it.

To continue to repent and forgive.

With the help of capable women, to print a GPS template that brings health and honor to a church body.  (August 9th and August 11 blogposts for What is GPS?)

To continue to blog.

To maintain my new website Kathryn Marie created!

To free write at least 750 words daily for my eyes only. I'm doing it Kathleen Stoltzfus.

To maintain a small, manageable vegetable garden and actually harvest the produce.

To compost. 

To assist with more conferences regarding abuse.

To monthly gather our family for pure enjoyment.

To memorize more scripture.

To begin to write accurate bible stories for my grandchildren.

To continue to pray that each member of our family hears from God.

To spend more time with my precious grandchildren.

To continue to consider every day an amazing entity in and of itself!

To enjoy my dear Savior on a more deeper and intimate level. It just keeps on getting better and better!



  1. My spirit resonates with many of these!!

  2. Busy is as busy does...looks like you've got a lot on your plate! Don't forget to rest. Rest is a weapon.

    1. Good word Rusty - that really should be listed! I will heed that precious call!