Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Day 254: November 9, 2016 Elect For You To Live Free

November 9, 2016
Day 254

Elect For You To Live Free

You woke me with a start this afternoon as I napped in my oversized red chair. I slept little last night as it crept into morning listening to a newly elected Donald Trump. Fingers crossed for his demeanor to stay, one can only hope. But the election is the last thing on your mind. At that moment you just needed a place to vent and our home was your choice. It's safe.

To you, what election? You could care less. But I'm curious, what would you run for? What platform would you stand on? You and I both know family matters. Would it be that? We love you and crave for healing. And trust me, you will experience healing, you will. But the journey is long, painful and full of thorns. But do you see the light?

You need to know it is an honor to have you venting at our home. Your life has been turned upside down and you are desperate and we are desperate to see you and yours whole and free. If we could wiggle our noses and abracadabra all of your hurt away, we would. But you would not have learned the immeasurable lessons. You are different and it looks good on you.

All we have is faith, faith that God is good, that God cares, that God knows what is best, and we believe, God will move. The faith required for your situation is well, kinda big. Ok, mammoth. You need to know though, we're going there. Mammoth size faith - here we come! Though it is full of faith it is a dark walk heading to the land of light. We are going to rely on the hope, the hint of light, and believe it is enough to guide each of your steps on the narrow way.

We know the Guide and He asks us to depend completely, complicity, wholeheartedly, unwaveringly on Him. He asks you to turn your gut wrenching, heart breaking frustration and disappointment to gut wrenching, heartfelt prayer and believe that He will in fact answer. Ask Him for what to pray. Ask Him for what He wants. Ask Him for His plans.  And then, go all out, dear one, go all out.

You matter to HIM! You matter to HIM! You are worth HIS effort to heal and redeem! Ask Him to move mountains - spiritual one! For He can and He will!


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    1. You! Are! One! Amazing! Individual! Once YOU realize this - we are all golden!