Sunday, November 20, 2016

Day 257: November 20, 2016 My BODY

November 20, 2016
Day 257


I am the church.
I am the BODY of Christ.

I must take full responsibility for my BODY. The moment I tell you I had no idea why my foot just kicked you I lose your trust and gain your disfavor.

The need for unity is imperative, essential, and most critical.

My BODY is united with a bond the strength of the universe; the bond of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

My BODY has been created by the Death of the Son. His blood allowed us to be part of His BODY.

The Trinity has not asked us to unite on convictions. Or denominations. Or race. Or politics. Or preferences.

The Trinity has asked us to unite on a person. And He, Jesus, loves well. He loves clean. He loves free. He loves deep. He loves continually. He loves YOU!

My BODY must focus on Jesus, and Jesus alone.
Jesus loves past all convictions, even allows them.
Jesus knows it is only about HIM, and HIM ALONE.

My BODY asks you to forgive me for all that you have seen and felt and heard and not experienced that has caused you pain, harm, and confusion. Please forgive My BODY for focusing on all the wrong issues. It is shameful that My BODY has not lead you to Jesus, our leader.

Would you please forgive me?

Because, Jesus loves you, and this I know!

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