Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Day 256: November 16, 2016 Melting Pot - I Don't Think So

November 16, 2016
Day 256

Melting Pot - I Don't Think So

The true melting pot is Christianity. Though no one melts. The pot is a heterogeneous mixture of individuals not a homogeneous solution. Differences are honored. Therefore, social clubs and Christianity do not mix. Though, the way we act you might have a tough time proving this.

Who joins the stew, we never know. It has nothing to do with us. Christianity is based on the Holy Spirit's roundup. For we do not know where the Spirit comes from nor do we know where He is going. Only He is the collector of the weary, needy souls, the down and outers, the losers, those who lack, the weak, the lame, the oppressed and me. But do you want it? Then you're in! For there is no nail biting on the sidelines.

The pot is filled not by THINKING our way into Christianity. This is impossible. But rather by ACCEPTING HIS way into brilliance beyond galactic proportions of brilliance. And even then, upon arrival, the acquisition of knowledge is our choice. Here, we are free to learn the absolutes of ancient truths repackaged for understanding. But we are also free to remain status quo. We are never forced.

Folks from every level of intellect, socioeconomic status, countries, cultures, and mindsets collect based on only one sameness - Jesus Christ. He loves our differences, our uniqueness. For diversity is a reflection of Him. The pot is full of non melting identities, individuals who are there because of Him. This is our distinction with every other religion, worldview. No one melts. And those who focus on the contents of the pot will often leave. Unlike the mafia, we are never forced to stay.

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