Monday, November 28, 2016

Day 260: November 28, 2016 Please Forgive Me

November 28, 2016
Day 260

Please Forgive Me

My spirit soars over Standing Rock as I ask the changer of hearts, the only One in the universe, to change many. Please, in your name. I ask for the many mountains to be removed, the mountain of hate, the mountain of sides, the mountain of greed, the mountain of misunderstanding, the mountain of injustice. In your name, crumble.

At Standing Rock, I ask our Maker to help us see one another as loved ones. I ask for our Maker to help us reach our hands across the barbed wire fence and strive for understanding. I ask for the trauma we inflicted on the Native Americans to be healed. And it begins with my repentance.

Please forgive me. Forgive me for not pickaxing deeper into the tombs of history for the real story. Forgive me for accepting the script from hell. Please forgive me for not seeing this as abuse. Please forgive my silence. Please forgive my indifference. Please forgive me for not teaching my children differently. Please forgive me for not asking more questions in search of the truth. 

Standing Rock changes my outlook on life forever. From this day forward I endeavor to change. I endeavor to learn more about your history, Native Americans. I endeavor to learn more about the harm you suffered. I stand on the Rock, who asks me to love and to love well. May the water of life flow clean and free.

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