Sunday, November 27, 2016

Day 259: November 27,2016 Wounded Knee - Standing Rock

November 27, 2016
Day 259

Wounded Knee - Standing Rock

Standing Rock exposes a terrible truth - racism is rampant on our land and in our hearts and there is an emperor with no clothes on (and I am not referring to the president). Humanity is capable of such hatred, ignorance, bigotry, and violence and Standing Rock epitomizes this well. The history I was fed subtracted most of the injustices committed against the Native Americans. This is bad math coming from the public school system or most curriculums for that matter. Those who displaced the Native Americans were fertilizing the land with injustices allowing seeds of racism to sprout. Hence the reason slavery had no problem growing into a invasive tangled mess. In fact racism's taproot drills down deep to the pit of hell or if it is a rhizome it spreads out wide covering the entire face of the planet.

I believe the entire electoral process we just endured: the money poured into the candidacies, the debacle of debates, the never mentioned issues, all of it, was a 21st Century sham. We procrastinate around the trivial to avoid the burden of Truth. But in doing so we forego freedom. We, especially in the United States, are being called to a higher plane. Do you hear it? Do you feel it? Do you sense it? We are not to be oppressors but rather we are to free the oppressed. And in doing so we are to repent and turn from our wicked ways. Standing Rock calls us to look deep within ourselves. It deserves our attention.

We must keep alert to what is occurring at Standing Rock. Something is astir. We must pay attention. I am internally pushed to learn more about Native Americans. This is my quest, this is my goal. I will share with you what I learn and likewise I would appreciate hearing what you are learning.

We must listen to what the Spirit is saying. I am being called into my prayer closet to seek Him. Now is the time. I must repent and be saved.

I introduce to you a Youtube titled: The Tragedy of Wounded Knee ( 

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