Saturday, November 12, 2016

Day 255: November 12, 2016 Newly Elected President

November 12, 2016
Day 255

Newly Elected President

The newly elected president has caused me to worry about a few things.

I worry about...
my grandchildren born to a white woman and a black man. The newly elected president does not keep his tongue in check - how will this bode for those who do not share a Caucasian look? I have been grateful to the Obama family in the White House for the sensitivity this has brought to the nation. (yes, I realize the racial tension has been stirred - I might be grateful for that as well. We can only deal with what is uncovered. A bloodletting might be in order. Many folks do not realize the racism even in their own blood.) This election begs the question, am I actively cultivating discussions regarding diversity? And if not, why not?

I worry about...
the environment. From a broad sweep the Republicans are in favor of business, seemingly, at the expense of stewardship. I have been grateful for a sense of respect for environmental issues. I admit, I lack depth in understanding the ways of the government. And I also understand that not every Republican has it out for the environment - remember I said "broad sweep." But I do know that my students in our Middle School Chemistry class just took some tests from our local streams. The coliform tested positive! (look it up) This election begs the question, am I actively cultivating environmentally sustainable practices in my home and Twin Valley Coffee business? And if not, why not?

I worry about...
the illegal immigrants. It pains me to hear those who call themselves christians speaking vehemently about this subject demanding their own american citizen rights. All I see is a lamb, silently walking to his execution for all men, demanding none of His universe rights. This election begs the question, why have I been content to not understand the entire picture of illegal immigrants? Why don't I personally know any illegal immigrants? (ok, I get it, so maybe they don't go around wearing name tags indicating such, but my friend base is devoid of any suspicious of this label) And if not, why not?

I worry about...
the transition from Obama to Trump. Will the newly elected president keep things in perspective? Will the presidency sober him as the weight of the responsibility is increasingly felt? Or will it embolden and empower him to greater heights of arrogance? Humans are poor receptors of praise. This election begs the question, am I actively praying for those placed in authority? And if not, why not?

I worry about...
those who believe our moral fiber has been reclaimed with Trump in office. I do not even know what to say to that? What comes out of our mouth indicates what is in our soul. Therefore, I was never able to support him, let alone throw him my vote for the sack of the Supreme Court. I defer to the Supreme Ruler! (there children you at least now know something of my private vote) This election begs the question, am I actively helping others in my life to understand how our moral fiber remains? And equally, do I understand what has nothing to do with our country's moral fiber? And if not, why not?

I worry about...
the economy. But honestly, my lack of knowledge regarding economics chases me to a corner of embarrassment. I do not even know what to worry about? Should it be the Federal Reserve? Stock Market? Free Trade? Or all of the above? I know, I know, all of the above. This election begs the question, do I know enough about economics? And if not, why not?

Then, it happens! The King of Kings steps into my brain space. He pulls up my chin and grins full on emanating life and light. That smile. It chases me running up and down the corridors and halls of history. "Lynne, look! Look here! See what I did there! Look over there! C'mon, look Lynne!"

As He picks me up for the continued History Run we rush past the Crusades, the Holocaust, Rwandan nightmare. I see tears, His tears. He, the Supreme Being is intimate and His emotions are moved by the choices His created ones chose. The tears and His comfort move back and forth in a dance of assurance, extreme empathy, and a desire to help.

"I allow you to chose. Your country is full of choosers. Do not forget how wonderful that is. I am in ultimate control but I give you the freedom of choice. Are you awake now? Good! Only I can and will help you make wise choices. However, you must ask me! And do not fret it leads only to evil. Keep looking to and at me."

And once again, the Supreme - Intimate - Ruler knows how to turn my worry into energized prayer. This election was the ultimate WAKE UP CALL to our family on so many levels. Rumplestiltskin and Burkholders have much in common.

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