Friday, January 13, 2017

Day 13 Brothers

Day 13


January 13, 2017

The clamoring voices barge in the front door of Bryan's space assuming his attention. He knows them really well. The old girlfriend constantly derides him for all he should have done. His old boss constantly hounds him to do better. When he lets them, these voices hang out all day long with no where to go. They are in for the long haul. They lounge, abuse, lounge and abuse.

The living room warmed by orange flames emanating from the brick fireplace highlights Tom's face. He has a gaunt look about him with thick locks of hair flailing left to right whenever he walks. Tonight he sits usual style with legs crossed and right elbow on left knee. He peers into his large cup of Market spice tea. He is encouraging Bryan to consider thinking about all the things that he likes about himself. Bryan needs Tom's guidance in these self-affirming endeavors. He guards his brother's space and leads Bryan likewise. Tom loves his brother, like a brother.

"Bryan," Tom begs.

"I'm right here, bro. What?"

Tom looks out the window quickly turning back towards Brian to say,
"You must focus brother. You have a deadline."

"I know, I know" Bryan yawns.
He straightens up in his well worn chair.
"Tomorrow I am going to the clearing. Hey, are there any leftovers from tonight?" Brian inquires.

"Yes. Do you want some?" Tom asks.

"I do. I'm so hungry." Brian states.

Tom gets up from his brown retro chair and heads to the kitchen with his skipping gait. He begins his kitchen scuttling always making Bryan wonder why he takes so many micro steps to do something relatively simple. But who is he to talk? Tom's the doer, Bryan's the receiver. Critical, critical, critical. There's a voice for that one too.  

Tom sits back down crossing left over right leg with the right elbow moving back into place on his left knee. He stares at Bryan. Yes, Tom is worried.

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