Friday, January 6, 2017

Day 6 C'mon Write

First Post on January 1, 2015

Day 6

C'mon Write
January 6, 2017

You were born to express. It is in your DNA. Would you please consider writing? You do not have to publicly post like some do, but you should consider writing consistently. Writing has provided me beneficial internal growth on so many levels. It convicts me, encourages me, leads me to new territories and instructs me on how to be a better writer. The editing process proves to be one of my better writing instructors. I see so much.

There is much I learn through consistent writing, so much so, that I have no intention of stopping. I am, unfortunately, externally motivated and hence the need to maintain this blog. The public posting helps me with accountability. Oh, but let's get real, that's only half of it. I love when you read my stuff!

My family honors the mental space that I create for the time I need to write. And as wheels on the road get my creativity flowing (car rides move my thoughts) so does pen on paper. I marvel at the catalyst of ink on parchment. So many times I have no idea of what to write and yet all I have to do is start and my thoughts begin to flow. It surprises me as my pen starts to think and words spill. Yes, I know this might seem strange if you have not consistently put pen to paper. But why don't you try?

I have become ruthless with my edits and I love going back and tweaking posts that need trimming and slimming. However, now,  unlike then, I hack paragraphs away at a time. I will not touch the January 1, 2015 post. This was my first post of that year's 365 day writing challenge. I want to be able to look back and see my hacking progress. It's all about word choice and today the pile of unused words accumulates at a faster pace. I still have a distance to travel, but the journey is fruitful and enjoyable. On a hot summer day it is a cool dip in a refreshing lake.

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