Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Day 3 Bothered Store Owner Bothered Me!

Day 3

Bothered Store Owner Bothered Me!
January 3, 2017

It is a small place and though we might not feel the need to acknowledge one another we are well aware we share a common town. The store owner is aware of who I am but hey maybe I err and give myself too much credit. Maybe he doesn't. Regardless, tonight I need to make a purchase and so I enter his local store hoping to leave with the item I want. (no Weavers it is not you). The store's closing time is six o'clock and this might be their frustration as Jesse and I make it through the doors with fifteen minutes to spare. They seem bothered and now I'm bothered. Am I missing something? Lynne! Stay in your corner girl!

Many times I leave conversations more regretful of what I said or thought and tonight was no different. The storekeeper's questions were queried from a point of disbelief, a point of intolerance, and seemingly a lack of understanding or comprehension of my request. "Who told you that? Why do you feel the need for that?" What in the world do you mean "Who told me that? Or Why do I feel the need for that?????" Just show me what I asked for buddy. My mental dukes raise and ready for aim.

In the car I ask Jesse if our purchase seemed more of a nuisance than a welcomed increase in their revenue. Yeah, he definitely sensed angst. But that boy keeps his attitude in check. Almost half way home I am commiserating.

All of a sudden the lightening strikes. "Wait a minute! Why am I not more worried about my pathetic and non-creative response than this guy's poor treatment of a local customer! C'mon, Lynne, what are you thinking? You can do better than this!" Jesse with his quick wit adds, "Yeah mom. C'mon! Would ya pull it together lady?!"

To be bothered by my responses more than yours is a goal of mine in 2017! Dear Jesus have mercy.

And I am here to tell you, the man has loads of it! He's God!

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