Thursday, January 5, 2017

Day 5 Stuff

Day 5

January 5, 2017

I am not a consumer and I have never been. Dating back to my teenage years I have usually walked out of a store talking my way out of purchases. It's just stuff. To have the "right" brand just seems silly. Only in grade school was I rocked and stoked about the fashion of bell-bottom pants. In fact I can still feel that sense of wow looking in the mirror turning here and there with full on and sideway glances in my bedroom at Clifton Springs, New York. Other than those pants, and it makes me want to purchase some tomorrow, style and fashion is lost on me. It's just stuff, threads. But this has resulted in immature and inconsistent consumerism. I am a poor shopper. My respect is for all my friends who are my counterpart. They not only save money but they look so good.

What motivates my daily clothing choices and something I take very seriously is C. O. M. F. O. R. T. Sweatshirts, turtlenecks, soft jeans, warm socks and comfortable shoes is what life is all about. And interestingly enough from high school thru college and even to just a couple of months ago I am complimented on how I dress. We are not talking a lot but enough to make me chuckle for the minimal amount of thought thrown toward apparel. 

Due to my lack of desire and savvy shopping habits, my prayer has always been that I would be the recipient of someone else's keen consumerism. My patient cousin was my first steady stream of fibers as I hounded her for her seconds. Cindy was comfort and class all tied up with a bow of laid back flare. Going through her hand me downs was christmas fun.

Still today, my entire wardrobe, at least most of it, is a second hand wand of magic. Today, it's Tracy. She drops off bags of clothing and I'm thrown into a time machine feeling all of twelve as I root through the loot. This has to be akin to the Jackpot High in Atlantic City. Though all of the females in our family benefit from her family of females, I sure make out like a bandit. Turtle necks, soft jeans, sweatshirts, camisoles, these are a few of my favorites things. The last shipment was an overflow of camisoles - oh what a fan I am of that awesome piece of clothing. 

I offer to you my prayer: "Dear Lord, please help "them" purchase well and when they are done with their purchases, help them make their way to my doorstep. In Jesus name, AMEN!"

And Cindy and Traci - thank you! 


  1. Lynne I totally agree with COMFORT and that you always look stylist to me ❤

    1. Barb!! That's why it's always been kindred between us. Btw love!the mixer!! Thanks again. And thank u for the compliment!