Sunday, January 1, 2017

Day 1 You Risked Everything

              You  Risked Everything
January 1, 2017

Day 1

How do you do this? What is it like to offer everything, watch us take nothing and listen to complaints of what we do not have? What is it like to be blamed for the severest sin, the horrendous crime, the faithless lover, the incurable sickness when we never asked for your advice in the first place? What is like to offer forgiveness that would take a multitude of lifetimes for us to pay off only to watch us demand from our friends? What is it like to offer ancient wisdom and watch us only offer pat answers? What is it like to watch us maim one another: a mother disregarding her children's worth, a father harming a daughter, a husband and wife disregarding each other's importance? Especially when your purpose for each one was magnificent and planned before you created our planet?

What is it like to create a satiating environment full of risk, splendor and charm only to watch us pollute because we want more and more and more and more and more plastic upon plastic upon plastic upon plastic? What is it like to create safe places and watch us desecrate them with our emotional baggage, physical trash, and political circuses? What is it like to love us deeply, profoundly, completely, wholly, purely, understanding that we see you as a trite God only offering religion? What is it like to view the vast gulf between your expression of love and our knee jerk reactions to sin? What is like to walk among your creation and experience our shunning?

What is it like to describe and demonstrate love only to watch us redefine, creating overwhelmed and underpaid social service departments? What is it like to know our disgusting words before they come out of our disgusting mouths? What is it like to watch us lie to one another in your sacred places? What is it like to witness our heart adulteries and then watch us shun anyone caught in the act?

Honestly? How do you do this? For you have so many problems. You have so many complaints. You have so many returns handing in glory for cheap expressions of love. Or just telling you straight up - You don't work. Because all we want is something tangible. Faith is way too hard.

But you desire relationships. And this is at the risk of discord, evil, and harm. You give us freedom of choice with all the necessary boundaries, helps, insights, instructions, written accounts to warn, to enlighten, to inspire, to strengthen. And you fully understand the risk of free love, free will, free choice. It is evil, heartache, pain, turmoil, refugees, sickness, and suffering.

At the first ancient moment we decided not to listen or consult you, you began to grieve. Only you understood the terrible outcome. At that very moment we decided not to look to our Creator. We created evil, human style. God had nothing to do with it. Only a God desiring relationships creates humans with the capacity to not choose Him, to not choose life, to not choose freedom, to choose justice, to not choose truth. Who else in their right mind would desire love bonds at the risk of this? But His mind is righteous and this we can only understand through His son.

Father you risked it all for all of us. How you did this will never cease to amaze me!

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