Saturday, September 26, 2015

Day 262 BEST Robotics Competition

September 26, 2015
Day 262

I spent a day with students working on robotics. So much of what they discussed, with their mentoring dads, was over my head, beyond grabbing distance. Though I would love to know all, I must be content with my lack. For if I would know everything there would be no need for their parents. And the interaction with their parents has been beautiful to watch. These students are so fortunate to have them.

I love getting something started and then moving out of the way for it to proceed. I try to give input at these sessions and they are kind to
let me talk, but they quickly move on to their brainiac moments throwing me a patronizing glance as they leave me behind.

Today they reworked their prototype making twenty revisions as they proceeded forward. For their Engineering Notebook they listed the problems and their respective solutions. It is the notebook that receives the most points in this contest. Some of the marketing crew were there as well today. They need to be able to answer questions at the trade show booth the night before the competition. The marketing receives more points than the robot. The reasoning, you can have a great robot but if you can not sell it, who cares?

All of this is wonderful and chock full of real world learning. The students involved in this competition are gaining skill sets useful for this day and age. Wider School is all about learning and this is what I saw in action today. This is more fun than I should be having.

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