Monday, March 7, 2016

Day 67: March 7, 2016 Elva is Something

March 7, 2016  Elva is Something
Day 67

Life in Northeastern Ontario meant more flights than not. 
LOOK at that beautiful vista! Lynn was in
a plane before he was ever in a car.

David and Elva's Home at Pikangikum.
Their priorities were focused on people's destinies.

The Northern Light Gospel Mission was the first name of the 
Mission group they were with in Canada.

Lynn and his brave momma.
The coat, the gloves, the scarf - what a lady.

Lynn's father could be seen pulling 
the ark he made for his son, Lynn.
Elva and David would cross the frozen
lake to go to church. 

I can tell who is who, some of the time,
 because of the copious amounts
of pictures I have perused from 
1985 till 2016. Elva loved pictures.

 So, here I go from left to right as couples;
Susan and Irwing Shantz, Lilly and Johnny Stoltzfus, 
Elva and David Burkholder,
Mary Jane and Henry Hostetler and their daughter

I know that Mom and Dad are in the middle. :) 
Their lives were well spent. May Dad enjoy the rest of his days here on 
planet earth. 


  1. I am enjoying your posts very much! Carolyn (schnupp) miller

  2. Thank you Enos Miller. I have been so blessed by my in laws and their faithfulness and dedication to Jesus. God is so good and I am indebted to Him for allowing me to be a part of this rich heritage.