Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day 83: March 23, 2016 Dot to Dot

March 23, 2016  Dot to Dot
Day 83

Like a child, to connect the numbered dots on a page producing a picture would be so easy. Unfortunately, real life presents no organized pictures. Where are the dots let alone connect them?

However, we, who the Spirit has brought to life, were called to be followers. He knows where the dots are and He knows where they connect. We follow. He connects. Try not to get that out of order. Our pictures are terrible when we do.

All the original paintings and drawings in the world pale in light of the dot to dot pictures He creates in our very own lives. So, what's our problem? We tend not to be very good at following.

Rest. Let Him show you and then let Him connect. In the meantime, relax and dig into His word.

*how funny that posting daily is a dot I know.........and yet forgot to do yesterday......

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