Monday, March 28, 2016

Day 88: March 28, 2016 Hunts and Such

March 28, 2016    Hunts and Such
Day 88

My grandchildren, what are they going to do stuck with a grandma like me? I can tend to be the holiday naysayer.  Frilly easter dresses, sharp little suits, hidden eggs all around, chocolate in the baskets, these are probably not going to be found at Grammy's home, or encouraged as clear goals. Though, mind you, I would never hinder them from happening. As I witness all the pictures, wandering children in yards, wondering where the little trinkets are to be, I hear, "Lighten up, Lynne, c'mon you have to enjoy life."  Or, "you're too heavenly minded to be of any earthly good." These phrases have hounded me from little girl all the way through college and on up into my middle ages.

Do not get me wrong, these pictures are adorable but my insides groan thinking of having to do this for my children and now my grandchildren. My children will tell you, I was horrible at Easter, not the swiftest with Valentine's day, and somewhat decent with Thanksgiving and Christmas, just not over the top. I guess you can't be all things to all seasons when you can't find the blasted beat of your drummer. And where am I marching to anyway?

Over the years God has comforted me but also rebuked me." Do not judge. Frilly dresses, sharp little suits, hidden eggs in yards are wonderful. With all due respect, Lynne, Let my people celebrate!" And I have listened. So, I judge not. I just think not - for me.

The real mistake would have been guilt to guide me as I watched friends and family do these activities. To make myself do these things would have been pressure on some part of my psyche that might have exploded. I shudder to think of the consequences, odd consequences. But alas, I have not had to worry of such, I am not a good pretender.

So, how do I celebrate Easter? Scripture readings at ten minute intervals? Eggs stuffed with devotionals or better yet directions to step out the stations of the cross? Friday afternoons in total darkness and silence? Sunday mornings at graveyards running with leaps and bounds singing glad tidings? Nope. None of the above.

Yesterday, we awoke. We ate breakfast. I held my granddaughter through the service. My heart and mind meditated on scripture as I did. I made waffle batter in the afternoon, gathered other necessary items (amazing homemade whip cream with honey)  and headed off to Dad Burkholder's home. We arrived in the late afternoon and I started to make the waffles while folks wandered in at different intervals. Wanita and family arrived with chicken gravy and we sat down to a lovely, heavy, satisfying meal. We laughed, talked over others' conversations, and we ate.

God, in His infinite mercy, died and rose for just that. He allows us to be us. The friends I have hiding Easter eggs in the yard, buying candy for their wee little ones, dying boiled eggs in exotic colors, are accepted, rejoiced over, and allowed to do whatever they want. Likewise I am allowed to be as well. This is what I absolutely love about my Father - His complete acceptance! He loves how I am and he loves how you are. Let us love each other in like manner.

And for the record, the Easter Egg hunts at the Schwartz's?!!! These moments were a blast! We loved these events. If Cindy and Lanny resurrected these life affirming moments, in a heartbeat, we would bring our children - Robyn (and her tribe), Chris, Kathryn, Geoffrey (he'd dress as a bunny), Nicole, and Jesse! Just saying! I might even dress them up!

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  1. We are a family that holds loosely our traditions...some years hunts and dyed eggs some years just food and daddy's story...peace in and all of it...glad you are you.