Monday, June 6, 2016

Day 156: June 6, 2016 Heavy Hitter

Source: Linda Sakchekap

June 6, 2016       Heavy Hitter
Day 156

The other day I asked a woman to pray for a momma with a baby experiencing night terrors. The woman I asked to pray is a "heavy hitter." By that I mean she prays heaven up, around, inside, outside, or better yet, with authority. This woman can pray! And I don't mean maybe. She is a heavy hitter. Everything she does has meaning. She is either going somewhere to a prayer walk, a prayer meeting, helping someone build a house, receiving an award, all of it being spiritually significant. It is an honor to know her. 

This woman knows the cost of a life lived for Jesus Christ. She knows what it means to be a sacrificial follower, her prayers have been offered at a significant cost to her and her family. The Lord agrees with me calling her a heavy hitter. He just further explained how he would define this term.

The Kingdom of God has many "heavy hitters." They are the beggars of the kingdom. The ones who are so needy with no place else to run, to go, or to hide. They go straight for the source and knock, knock, knock on heaven's door. They seek, not to hide but, to discover. Truth be told they are relentless. They beg for options. They know suffering intimately and keep pressing in and in and in. Suffering does not turn them away but rather draws them further into an intimacy with Christ.

The baby, the "heavy hitter" prayed for, slept like her nature. The "heavy hitter" went straight to the throne room and asked God to please give this child rest. She was not kidding and God listened. Her voice was not raised but soft, kind, and gentle. The baby was soothed by her prayers. 

The woman who relies on the Lord for answers, is the ultimate beggar. When I grow up I want to beg like my friend. Being a heavy hitter is an extreme walk of humility. I have a ways to grow.

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