Saturday, June 18, 2016

Day 167: June 18, 2016 Call Me a Believer But Don't Call Me a Christian

June 18, 2016                 Call Me a Believer Don't Call Me a Christian
Day 167

I am ditching the title Christian. I think Jesus will be ok with that. The title has become associated with all that He is not. It no longer moves through the air with an uncomfortable slice into one's conscience pulling them toward a higher calling. Rather it disgusts them into a firm decision to not engage with me because of my title. I am fine with my views, opinions, worldview, and allegiance not being appreciated. But I would rather people disagree with the truth of Jesus than with the gross distortions of christianity smeared and slimed all over the media. Jesus weeps over the distortion.

Jesus would listen to ALL you have to say. He knows your thoughts. He knows what is on your tongue before it comes out and He still listens to you. And intently. He asks me to do the same, to listen to you without silencing for fear you might say something I do not particularly agree with.

I want to hear what you have to say, even if you and I do not see eye to eye. Jesus does this everyday and I so want to be more like him.

Jesus is humble. He asks me to be humble. He never asks me to make such bold statements that make you feel small, or your thoughts unimportant. He asks me to listen, to you.

Jesus loves you despite what you have done, did or are doing now. He knows all of what you are about and He really loves you. He sees everything and He still really loves you. He wants me to love you also. He doesn't need or even ask me to list your wrongs, to remind you. He asks me to do major soul searching in my own heart regarding my wrongs and when even then He has it covered. He loves us so much.

I want to walk humbly through your ideas and not knee jerk my way through. You know that comes from insecurity. When a person is not able to hear your opposing views it has nothing to do with them being right or wrong but rather with them being fearful. Jesus lives among ideas and views that are not His own and He simply loves.

Jesus cries for you. He is deeply grieved by your traumatic and painful experiences. He listens to you. LISTENS to you. He does not relegate you to the side because you are not handling it well. He does not cast you out because you are wrong and never because you are wronged. Oh, the pain that too many have suffered from men and women who go by the name, "christian." My arms are what He uses to give you the hug that He knows you need. He listens. He never silences. The enemy is the silencer.

Jesus yearns for you. He really does, even though you do not feel it, He yearns for you!

Jesus adores immigrants. He has set many on the path of leaving their native country. But many forget about this. They forget Abraham's beginnings or Jacob or...oh, the list is too long! I am so sorry many christians want their rights upheld as they view you, the immigrant, or worse yet the refugee, an intruder and stealer of their native, God given rights (oh the misuse of that phrase!). The hypocrisy is almost too much. My open arms reflect Jesus' and Jesus says, Come.

So, I would prefer not being called a christian anymore. The word has lost its meaning. But you can call me a follower, a believer of Jesus Christ. I will follow Him anywhere the destination is always LOVE!