Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Day 163: June 14, 2016 Your Will Be Done

June 14, 2016      Your Will Be Done
Day 163

I know better, to focus on what I physically see is often emotionally painful and always unstable. There is no increase in faith but rather a slow leak. However, to spirit soar above and beyond with my spirit eyes scanning the unfathomable horizon seems ridiculously optimistic, not grounded in reality, and too lofty for me to consider. Or so it feels and seems. But my spirit eyes blaze through the physical and lead me to new destinations where reality is based not on what I see but WHO I see. The shift is rarely seen but always experienced and based on solid ground. No shifting sand here.

My physical eyes only see what is placed in front of them. My spirit eyes see beyond and into eternity. My physical eyes watch others enjoying life with places, people, and products. My spirit eyes sees and all else pales in light of the warm welcome the Trinity offers into the heart-room of the Kingdom. Reality is redefined in the presence of love, the spiritual rises to its rightful place with the physical its slave. 

I know better than to limit my sightings on physicality. For I soar in the heaven-lies, dance with the mighties and run with the wise men. The kingdom's call is becoming louder and louder and harder to ignore. I am lured, swooned, and pursued by the lover of my soul. Earth's pleasures are looking more and more like a rotting landfill. Your Kingdom Come! Your Will Be Done! On Earth As It Is In Heaven!

(In the wee morning hours, I fell asleep while writing this. While sleeping, I was overwhelmed for the next two hours with the battle fought in the heavenlies and its definite and most wonderful victory wrought on earth. Things that need repair; physically, emotionally, and spiritually were scanned before my mind and the thought was, "You are in the heavenlies, Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done on Earth as It Is In Heaven!" So be it. It was a dip of a two hour nap into the reality of His Kingdom.)

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