Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Day 157: June 8,2016 One Kingdom with One Purpose

June 8, 2016                  One Kingdom with One Purpose
Day 157

My dog is not fixed. He has it all. I couldn't take his manhood from him. But as a result his instinct is to mark out his territory and he does it really well. My dog pees on everything when he is outside. A little here, a little there, a little everywhere. For him it is all about marking it with intentionality. Fergie reminds me of the church. We mark out our territories all the time. A little here, and a little there, all the while forgetting our beautiful whole.

I am so keenly aware of this because it is such an easy rut for me to fall into. (I should delete what I just typed, I would rather you not know) Our mind yells, "Hey, I'm doing that, back off! Find your own ministry." "Excuse me! I know a lot about this. What do you know?"  "C'mon, do what you SAID you were going to do, stick to your word."  "What do you mean you changed your mind??? When did that become acceptable!??"

Unity swirls around the Trinity, they submit to one another, they move in order, in love, honor, restoring, repairing and never once claiming territory for themselves but rather moving in love for the beautiful whole. We, however, claim spots for ourselves. We move in, set up camp, cozy in and stake our claim. Stationary, static, status quo, and stagnant are goals within our claims. We rebel against words such as change, dynamic, a walk of faith, or turbulent. So, I mark out my territory, plop down in my comfort zone, take a bit of a snooze, and then make sure you know my defined boundaries.

The enemy loves territories and divisions but the Unity of the Trinity knows no territories while understanding diversity and uniqueness which always results in different ministries. Unity honors but the enemy questions motives. The Unity of the Trinity is always for the beautiful whole. The divisiveness of the enemy is for the divided kingdom. Instead of standing at the sand drawn lines, we are called to build on each other's ministries with love, honor and respect toward the growth and maturity of the beautiful Body. The enemy's claimed territories are to be lovingly and with humility disregarded. I want to love and honor you with Christ like inclusiveness.


  1. Difficult to resist marking our territories isn't it but it is with thankfulness the spirit does not stop in reminding us about unity!