Sunday, June 19, 2016

Day 169: June 19, 2016 Happy Father's Day

June 19, 2016                Happy Father's Day
Day 169

There was an opportunity years ago, in high school, to be a director of a YMCA summer program. What an honor. I knew my Dad would be excited for me and I was so anxious to let him know of this amazing option. I knew he would be anxious for me to say yes to such a great leadership opportunity, he was the ultimate opportunist. However, I was shocked by his response, it certainly was not what I had anticipated. This was coming from the guy who taught me to be an opportunist, what was going on?

His response was like a knife cutting through significant issues, teaching truths at every point and bringing me to a place of reason. Nonetheless, though it made complete and perfect sense, I was deflated. "It is not a good idea, Lynne." I was shocked. What do you mean? This is a great opportunity. They see my potential. They must think I am the perfect one for this. My head was swelling with my own understanding.

My father cautioned me and in essence it went something like this. This was a position that was an honor to be offered, yes. However, it came with a significant amount of work and strategizing much of which I had never done before. The great opportunity came at a cost, the likelihood I would experience more failure than success due to a lack of preparation. He foresaw an erosion of confidence. All I could see was their offer. Too much too soon, without training, was placing me squarely in the line of trouble. This was a defining father's moment for me. He did not allow his pride to be fueled, he allowed wisdom to protect his daughter's leadership potential.

Dad, I think about that experience all the time and the wisdom you offered. I do believe it made all the difference in the world for me. Thank you for the father example you have provided. Thank you for your wonderful father love. May today remind you of me.:)

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