Monday, June 13, 2016

Day 162: June 13, 2016 Vision for Reading

June 13, 2016 Vision for Reading
Day 162

God has placed a vision within my heart and it goes like this. The City of Reading is going to be a city where many folks will be sent out to minister to the nations. The poor city in a valley is going to be streams of living waters. This word/vision is becoming clearer to my spirit and I am not the only one God is speaking to. The folks that will be sent out will not be like you or I, (given so much experiences) but rather individuals who are broken (we are broken too, do not get me wrong) .These people; the poor, the enslaved, and the destitute, will be sent out to do powerful and mighty things. We, who have been given much, will be the harvest equippers. 

Much is expected from us because we have been given much. Who is best used in His Kingdom? Those who know and REMEMBER from where they fell, those whose expectations remain low. Many missionaries still go out with a Savior mentality but these individuals from Reading will leave with a mentality of grace and an understanding of His intense love. They will experience the Holy spirit’s power as they move further and deeper into using the gifts of love to bring Jesus to this broken world. They will understand the need for the gifts when nothing else is available. We will watch their faith soar and grow past ours. As we begin to operate under the loving guidance of the Holy Spirit we will see healings, chains breaking, and people released from generational bondages. We are going to watch the Holy Spirit pull the lonely and the destitute out of hard places, and release freedom even more freedom in the land. We are going to see the broken soar into their God given destinies and we are going to be filled with wonder, excitement and intense joy.

In essence, we are going into Reading to prepare ministry workers, to see the destiny each individual has in the City of Reading and to speak life into those destinies. We are to believe with all our heart the very real and present need for these individuals to be healed for their sake, their families sake, their neighbor's sake, for the sake of Reading, for the state of PA, and for the United States. We are rescuing the rescue workers. These are Workers that have very real solutions for the city, for the state and for the world. And we are to move in as if a building has collapsed on people holding precious commodities that should never be destroyed, their destinies.

Jesus sits beside the Father. Jesus knows what it is like to be human. He knows what it is like to need to watch what the Father does and only do that. He therefore understands our need to see with spiritual eyes. He is our advocate and will give us what we need. We need to be spending more personal time with Him in our own walks of life and more concerted time with Him asking Him for specific direction. Honor is the key word as well. We must honor one another. He is calling us to a higher respect for one another and a deeper friendship with all.

He made it clear to me that we are His hands and his feet!  Amen.

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