Thursday, June 16, 2016

Day 165: June 16, 2016 You Are Responsible

June 16, 2016                     You Are Responsible
Day 165

If you find yourself not invited somewhere, determine a place you want to go and invite someone of your choice. Don't forget, you are in control.

If you find yourself lonely, call someone you know is lonelier and make an attempt at cheering them. You have that power.

If you find yourself belittled, determine to build others up and make a note of the belitter's tactics and avoid the tactics like the plague. You have the power.

If you find yourself bored, do something. You are more than capable.

We are in control of our personal happiness. We are the only ones in control. When I let you in control, I find myself in a dysfunctional psychological quagmire.

There is only one person you are ever capable of changing, redirecting and affecting for life - YOU! You know you like to be in control. So do it.

You are the only responsible for your personal happiness. Don't give up that control. Oh and by the way - Demand Respect.

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