Sunday, June 12, 2016

Day 161: June 11, 2016 Concerns of the Heart

June 11, 2016       Concerns of the Heart
Day 161

I can show a good show. I can act a good act. I can talk a good talk. But there is only one who knows my inner thoughts and my inner deeds and still whispers words of love. We humans base our judgment on the external. My God never does.

When all is over and my last breath is exhaled all that matters is my relationship with Him. I can provide Him a list of all that I have done but all that concerns Him is, "Do I know her?"

Whether you, my fellow humans, know me or not will not matter at this point in time. My attempts at impressing you or pleasing you, trying to get you to look my way, will not be on the docket. These lens-focused thoughts continually bring me to my Father. They lead me in a shoulder hold to the relationship that matters, the God of the universe. To be in a relationship with Him transcends my brain's comprehension ability.

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