Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 178: June 30, 2016 Weakness is the Door Not the Exit

June 30, 2016                        Weakness is the Door Not the Exit
Day 178

When I am not comfortable in my own skin I pull you into a place of not enough, instability, insecurity and uncertainty. My security or lack thereof affects more than my inner person, it affects you. When I am confident it allows you a stable ground from which to approach me. Confidence does not puff up and caress the ego. But rather, confidence allows one to be transparent, honest, vulnerable and weak.

Confidence in our weakness throws wide open the door of opportunities for it searches for strength. Weakness knows it is in need. A common mistake is to associate weakness with fear. But weakness and fear have nothing in common. Being in need does not mean you have to fear. It just means you are in need. Weakness needs strength. Self preservation stemming from fear blinds eyes to strength.

Jesus is our strength. Our weakness is for His Glory. We are not ashamed of our weakness it leads us to the One we boast in, the One we Love! While fear blinds weakness seeks light.