Friday, June 10, 2016

Day 159: June 10, 2016 Red Couch

June 10, 2016          Red Couch
Day 159

On my small red couch, in the wee hours of the morning, I sit amidst wealth overflowing in every direction. (I am not referring to the puppies)The abundance is overwhelming but never exhausting, quite the opposite. It energizes me as I see the copious mountain ranges of deposits. This wealth cannot be managed but rather used and enjoyed. Frugality is not known with this wealth but rather an opulence that rests in humility. This abundance is to be effortlessly used. More and more and more caverns of the treasure are discovered and a continual offer to my very person is communicated to me every morning and encourages me to share.

There is no end to the wealth, it is as far as the eye can scan and I have been told my scanning ability is limited and not capable of assessing the full amount. I am also told that the wealth simply does not know how to stop growing. Sustainability? Who cares about that word? Share and share and share and share. There is no law against it and the more you share the more you receive.

I am not looking in Wall Street journal scanning the list of stocks to determine my progress. It is not the local bank with the manager briefing me on the amount of interest I now have. In fact there is no physical reference that remains static in regards to this wealth. There is no equivalent on the face of this earth, nothing compares. The word laid open every morning fills my mind with wonder, raises my hope to a place where disappointment would kill. My wildest expectations run wild in the endless fields of treasures. I race after more!

The unique and refreshing rest that accompanies this wealth is like a walk along the ocean's edge passing time until the limo comes to take me to the outdoor restaurant along the rocky cliff (my mind is wandering the New England shores) with the cool ocean breeze. The rest rejuvenates, expands, and excites as I am comforted to my very core. This wealth requires me to sit back and enjoy while I share till my heart's content.

On the small red couch, in the wee hours of the morning, I travel to the wealth. Hey? Do you want to come? I would love to experience this with you!