Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 128 To Be

May 14, 2015
Day 128

Everyday I find there is a need to be. Not do, just be. I stop and I listen.
During these times I am redirected in my actions, thoughts, or attitudes. This time
is essential to my soul.

I connect. Sometimes I charge and sometimes I wind down while connecting. Regardless, I just allow myself to be and I am quiet.

I am no one's Savior and that is a good thing. I would surely disappoint.  I am a sojourner assisting and in as much need as those I assist. Those moments of simply being confirm my pilgrim status.

There are loose ends everyday for me. Simply being brings perspective. Though the loose ends remain, my focus changes. A myriad of dots surround me and lack order, but being allows me to remain calm. My eyes are directed toward my Maker. He is peace.

In the beginning God created the earth. He created everything that is in the earth out of n - o - t - h - i -  n - g. This very first verse in the very first book of the bible fills me with peace. It allows me to simply be.

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  1. Yes !! writing is really another space to BE. Visiting is a space to be. Driving alone in my car external spaces that facilitate being..