Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day 182 He Often Warns

July 7, 2015
Day 182

Years ago Lynn was asked to make a business trip on a Sunday to go and meet a potential client in New Hampshire. He has been a pilot since he was eighteen and he intended on flying his club plane. However, we were a bit uncomfortable with this scenario. Lynn and I make it priority not to work on Sundays. This is a day to celebrate and remember how out of control we really are! We take naps, we read, we consider how good God is and we do not work.  Both Lynn and I were struggling with this trip, something was amiss.

Lynn was able to go to church that morning and from there he was going to leave for New Hampshire. But one man changed everything. This guy never dreams vivid dreams, at least not until then. But he did that Saturday night. And he told Lynn everything the next morning in church.

He dreamt that Lynn was in a terrible accident with the plane crashing into the side of a hill just outside of Morgantown. Rick was intensely animated and gave eery details as he told us exactly where it had happened and could even take us to the exact spot. He said there were two people in the plane, one lived and the other died. He did not know, however, who lived and who died.

Rick was visibly shaken. He knew as soon as he awoke he needed to tell Lynn. What I remember most about this particular event is Rick retelling the dream in such detail. He could see the crash. If this was not a warning we did not know what was. The leading of the Holy Spirit was evident. Lynn called the trip off.

Lynn called his buddy who had arranged the meeting. This man was not happy and did not understand. However, we were not concerned about his reaction because we believed God was warning. God warns but do we listen?

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