Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 186 An Insignificant Place of Spiritual Significance

July 11, 2015
Day 186

There is one place on this planet that brings me intense happiness and I am at that place, LeTourneau Christian Camp. The memories of this spot overwhelm me from the 1960's into the mid 70's. The faces, thoughts, smells, insights, new beginnings, ideas, swirl around fondly. My memories are friends and what a gift. This is something I will never take for granted! There is much expected from me with how much has been given to me.

This sliver of a camp is on one of the most gorgeous lakes, Canandaigua, in upstate New York, along with the other gorgeous lakes. If you were on a boat you'd miss it and maybe even drive past Letourneau without thinking twice. This small piece of property, however, looms large for me in spiritual significance.

The wooden tabernacle filled my senses with an intense smell that threw me back forty years. It thrilled my senses. I sat in those uncomfortable wooden benches as a little girl riveted by the messages. The sermons in that tabernacle were better than eating the best steak prepared on a summer's grill. Speaking of the imminent return of Jesus Christ was common fare in the wooden tabernacle. Though Jesus will return, this topic has yet to return, it went out in the 70's.

This place fortified foundational truths for my spiritual understanding. And the Holy Spirit is still nailing those truths deeper and deeper into my spirit to this day. I am blessed. This place made it as clear as the lake that all I need is Jesus. He is more than enough for me!

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