Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 182: Happy Birthday Abigail Snider - July 5, 2016

(This video is a school project 
Abigail completed. 
You will love it. 
She sums up her life in a clip.)

To know you from when you were a little girl has been one of my privileges. Many children are "mini adults" with emotions, thoughts, and insights beyond their ability to manage at such a young age. These "mini adults" are my favorites. Many adults have trouble knowing how to handle them due to their own insecurities, their need for power and control and their misunderstanding of "mini-adults." You, dear Abby, were a "mini-adult" and were welcome in my home anytime. What an honor to have your presence.

Your authenticity will never cease to amaze me. For you allow us into your thoughts, your fears, your dreams, your wants, your insecurities and your confidences. Your childhood has been unique, in the heart of Philly. I allowed my daughter to play Club Penguin for hours, something I would have never done. But you, you! were the implicit reason. In the heart of Kensington, a fierce place for a little girl, you sat behind a computer moving a penguin while another little girl in the wilds of Berks County did the same. Technology was your playground and it served you both well. For the heart of a child strict standards are meant to be softened.

The excitement, the imagination, the energy, the desire to gather people, will always endear me to you, Abigail. I know when you are coming to town for you prepare the way with a call to a gathering, a party. What your friends take for granted, for they separated by fifteen minutes max, you never do and never will. You relish these times. You embrace everyone as you put yourself out there and never hold back. If someone would complain that you are exclusive, I would hold them in suspect. For you are the epitome of inclusion.

You are a treasure, a treat, an exceptional human being. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity I have had to know you as my daughter's dear friend, a bubbly talkative and engaging student, a beloved friend of all our family members, and a friend of mine. I so look forward to the future with you, Abby.

Thank you for the imprint you have made on the Burkholders' lives. We all love you very much. May you never cease to wonder, ponder and show 'n tell. Your art inspires me and I am thrilled to watch you grow in this area. I cheer you on dear one. I cheer you on.