Monday, July 25, 2016

Day 202: July 25, 2016 Kauffman Cousins Photo Bombers

July 25, 2016
Day 202

                                                   Kauffman Cousins Photo Bombers

The Kauffman Reunion is every two years. We so look forward to this time. However, there is one problem. While our spouses line up against the wall according to age and height (I always encourage according to weight but no one ever listens to me) we, the ever present (for 30 some odd years) in-laws, rarely get photo time. We freshen our spouses for the photos, we take their pictures, and we run after our children (it's so hard to catch up to them these days). Though this helps us go deep into servanthood, we just want one picture of us. But no, there are no in-law line ups. Who are we? We're just the ones to pack the van, put gas in the car, and provide our spouses with descendants for their family.
Left to right: Cheryl Kauffman, Beth Boll, Gary Kauffman,
Andrew Blank, Wanita O'Donohue,
Christine Blank, Rosita Combs,
Lynn Burkholder (no smiling dude),
Dan Swartentruber, Charles Swartzentruber,
Judy Swartzentruber

This year it all changed. We finally did it.  We lined up according to however we wanted, we created no paradigms, we did not even ask for a camera. We just lined up. Though the crowd thinned we were just so thankful to have at least one camera heading in our direction. Thank you Chad, thank you! You have always been so very kind.

Left to right: Me, Audrey Swartzentruber, Jimmbolay O'Donohue, Kevin Boll, Kim Kauffman, Merlin Ebersole, Rosanne Swartzentruber, Josie Swartzentruber

In all honesty, the group photo shoot of the Kauffman Cousins provides me with a heart overflow of warm fuzzies. I love this group and to be accepted by them is simply an honor and not a difficult process, they make it very easy. This is a loving and gracious family. Sunday morning we circled around those in our midst dealing with health issues and we asked God to do a big and mighty work. We put our trust in His kindness, His goodness, His mercy, and in His healing abilities. To our Heavenly Father, family matters and the Kauffman Reunion is a reminder of this very thing.

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