Friday, July 22, 2016

Day 200: July 22, 2016 Elva's Family Reunion

July 22, 2016
Day 200

Elva's Family Reunion

Elva, my mother in law, would love this reunion and would speak of it for the next year, if she were here. I believe she is at another reunion of sorts in heaven and though we miss her I am convinced her heart is at such rest and contentment that if she is at all seeing any of this she is simply smiling and urging us on in the faith.

I do miss seeing her in a corner speaking with her sister. So many are here. And she would have so loved that. I am thankful that the Kauffmans have done this for over forty years for it has allowed me to be a part of something wonderful. That wonderful would be a family full of twists and turns, loyalty and comfort, and great hope for tomorrow. This family understands that family matters.

Christine, like her father is a photographer and the following pictures are just a drop in the photo bucket. The first night is often marked with a flipping through albums and tonight was no exception.

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