Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Day 189: July 13, 2016 Kingdom Characteristics

July 13, 2016
Day 189
Kingdom Characteristics

I am continually asking Jesus to show me characteristics of the Kingdom of God's culture. I desire to know what differentiates between His kingdom and the world's kingdom. Loud and clear today I hear the kingdom of God operates by His spirit while the Kingdom of the earth is by me, my skill. Not enough skill? Well then there will not be enough success. However, not enough skill in God's kingdom? Perfect! There is no need.  Your weakness showcases the beauty and strength of Jesus Christ.

He is glorified in our weakness not in our success. He is glorified in our need not in our excess. The kingdom of God does not operate by my energy supply but rather by His unlimited supply of love. The kingdom of God operates in a way that errs on the side of presumption. It is difficult for the hardworking person to operate with kingdom ways and means - it never reflects on their abilities because the finger is always pointed away.

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