Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day 188: July 12, 2016 Reflections of a Child

July 12, 2016
Day 188

Reflections of a Child

I live life in your face unaware of how uncomfortable I have made you. I ask, probe and want to know what makes you think, why, when and how. You squirm and want to ask me to stand back a few paces but I just move closer. You are unsure how to handle my lack of no depth perception.

I find you. I would have never guessed you were trying to hide for why would you hide from me? We are having fun, right? When are we going to do something? Don't you want to do something? You would invite me? I would invite you.

I know of no no sacred questions not appropriate to ask. You can not believe I just asked that? I can not believe you are not answering. Why would you not want to? We are suppose to be honest.

I move closer and you shuffle slightly away hoping I will not notice. And you are right, I don't. For I would not know why you would try to avoid me. I want to know what everyone is doing and that means I have to be close enough to hear. To be left out is certainly not what I want. I never assume anyone will. But I am hurt when it happens.

I live life vulnerably moving into social, emotional and spiritual settings with no radar set, only hopeful expectations with the assumption that all will be good. The sun shines bright. The jar is full. Life is good.  I am a child.

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