Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 182: July 5, 2016 You Owe Big Time: He's Got Ya Covered

July 5, 2016
Day 182

You Owe Big Time: He's Got Ya Covered

I want you to know He sees you. He knows you are lonely. He sees your tears and He collects them. You matter to Him. He understands everything about your situation, He knows what is needed. And though your situation is laced with your implicit guilt, He accepts your plea without a coal raking. Others do, but He does not condemn.

On the cross He took the part you play in all this mess. He took the part they played in all this mess. His court of law is different from any on this planet. He is the judge and His business is judging. Everything you did or are doing wrong, everything that the other person did or is doing wrong, He judges and His judgments are just and true. He cannot lie and you both are guilty. You both are condemned to die.

He leaps over the bench and moves you both out of the way. He wants to take your place and so He stands condemned and takes the judgment. For He also came to save. Do not let any church body, any church member, tell you any different. There are many of us who forget the debt we are released from. But we must remind each other. There is a parable that describes us well, find a bible and read from Matthew 18: 22-35. Now try to remember. The judge loves us still even when we are in error. We are told in Galatians that if someone is caught in a sin, we who are spiritual, should restore him gently. Why? Because we are all in the same mess and compassion and empathy should rule our actions.

He does see you. He understands your loneliness, the emptiness, the mournful feeling. He wants you to feel it deeply for this moves you close to Him. He felt this everyday on the face of this planet. So in the pain feel Him. He is your first love. He loves you thoroughly, profoundly, deeply and with an all encompassing love. Remember....

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