Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Day 247: October 5, 2016 The Gazebo

October 5, 2016
Day 247

Serving coffee on our property is time well spent. To walk out the side door is something I do not take for granted. I am on vacation everyday I walk towards the coffee place, the revered Gazebo. Every step is gratitude.

Gazebo babies are adored, kissed and hugged. The new moms are congratulated and encouraged. We speak of the town, we speak of sadness, we speak of hardship and death. We wonder, we ponder, and we consider. Friendships have been made and contacts have been shared. We've cried and we've laughed. We tell stories, we tell jokes, we speak of politics, we speak of religion. We share job and family stories. And we laugh and laugh and laugh some more. This is one enchanted spot and I am privileged
to witness the magic of the Gazebo.

There are many times we feel moments deeply in the circular machine. We transport to a place of kindness and honor. We are community and it is in this place we sense it profoundly.

 There are birthday parties, concerts, bible studies, and friends sharing moments, families taking pictures and people meeting for the first time. We love Twin Valley Students and their support via Toddy purchases and fundraisers.

Our customers have been gracious, kind and extremely helpful to us. They are patient and they encourage us. They have watched us grow, they have watched us stumble. They accept us. We love serving coffee to this town. The Gazebo is a melting pot, it is this community's watering hole. What a privilege to be part of a spot where differences are surpassed with a good cup of Twin Valley Coffee!

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