Friday, October 7, 2016

Day 248: October 7, 2016 Theo and Jesse

October 7, 2016
Day 248

Theo and Jesse

These boys are mine. One is my son and the other is my daughter and son in love's. Jesse and Theo have known each other for the last two years and the future is bright for these two. Theo loves and adores his uncle and Jesse adores his nephew. The two will have each other and this makes my heart happy.

Jesse came to us when we were in our forties. It is not as easy for him as it has been for us, the difference in our ages. Let's just say, he mentions it. But I remind him if it were not for these old parents he would not be here.

He keeps our lives fresh, active and full of humor. He uses the exact word for the exact moment. His vocabulary has always been stellar. He loves people, he is my most social child.

Theo has pondered his existence since the day of his birth. You felt as if you were watching him chose to grow. He is one contemplative little dude. I have always enjoyed his mother's running commentary on his growth and development. She, like I, loves to know her children. It is pure joy to listen to her talk about Theo.

Theo and Jesse will have adventures.
Theo has the benefit of an older
brother in his uncle. Jesse has the benefit of a
 little brother in his nephew.
My heart can not be more full of joy. I love these                                                                                     two boys. They are mine, a grandson and a son.

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