Sunday, October 9, 2016

Day 249: October 9, 2016 A Walk in Your Shoes

October 9, 2016
Day 249

A Walk in Your Shoes

I answer too quickly.
I move far too fast.
I judge in a blink.
I act rather crass.

To laugh and to love is a privilege we share.
The burdens, oppressions are for us to bear.
We wander alone and this is a shame.
God calls us to love, to honor His name.

He loves you to death.
He places you high.
He gives you respect.
So, why shall not I?

I will not waste moments,
I will race to forgive.
I will run to repent.
It's the free way to live.

I will hear beyond words.
I will see with my heart.
I will show you respect.
It's where I will start.