Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Day 251: October 12, 2016 Bull in a China Shop

October 12, 2016
Day 251

Bull in a China Shop

My heart is heavy. So, I go to Jesus. I am overwhelmed. So, I lay my head on Jesus' lap. I am burdened for my sisters. So, I ask Jesus to listen.

I am saddened by how I use to listen, how I use to advise, how I use to think. I know Jesus forgives me, He is so kind that way. Still it makes me sad. I did not know. For so many of the women's stories could not be told. Many times I filled in the blanks before I let them. I created their story when their story was not ready to be shared.

A bull in a china shop is a fitting image for this woman, Lynne Burkholder.  But He prefers me as a sheep lying down in green pastures, led beside still waters.

For pity's sake, I was so blind. But I turn from this. I now walk in a different direction locking arms with different people who commit to seeing life from a point of love and not judgment.

Jesus stooped when a woman was brought out in an act of sin. He stooped. Who am I to stand and judge? Who am I? I desire to live, to act, and to love like the only man who was able to throw a stone and yet chose to stoop, love, and forgive!


  1. There is a point to coming to a realization rather than just being. It means much more. Now you can, and will, take your realization and move forward with it, helping many along the way.

    1. Kendra,
      I am just now seeing this, your reply. So true, so true! I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation the other day! You are a treasure.