Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Day 250: October 11, 2016 Strong, Powerful Women - GPS

October 11, 2016
Day 250

Strong, Powerful Women - GPS

Tonight I have the distinct privilege of being amongst women who know what it means to endure and persevere. These are survivors. The fellowship of suffering among them is palpable, you can cut it with a knife. There is little talk about the weather. Instead there is talk about healing, trust, endurance, mercy, grace and hope for tomorrow.

Together, we are moving in a direction of love and honor. These survivors have much to teach. And I am all ears. They are showing me the way of love, honesty, strength and persistence. They have overcome silence. They are learning to share their story of pain, of suffering, how they have overcome. To listen to them is to learn deep truths. They know the One who creates hope out of suffering.

They are helping us develop God honoring ways to deal with pain in the Body of Christ. We are rejecting the "Script From Hell". We are instead moving towards the abundance of creativity in the face of adversity. We are moving towards hope.

Only God can bring abundance out of darkness. For God is good even when humans make it so dark and ugly. God would never do what man has done to you. He is patient. He is kind. He keeps no record of wrongs. He always hopes. He dies for His friends.

I endeavor to remember this and to love you.

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