Saturday, October 22, 2016

Day 245: October 22, 2016 Simple Tasks are Well Kept Roads

October 22, 2016
Day 245

Simple Tasks are Well Kept Roads

This blustery morning and afternoon consists of the mundane. I love my life. My spirit regenerates with simple tasks and my heart beats still. My mind needs common patterns. Common soothes and relaxes this brain that does not stop. Today is full of tasks allowing me to think, to dream, to ponder, to be grateful. Will I accomplish all of them? Maybe. Maybe not.

The kitchen has more dishes on the counters than in the cupboards. My time was limited yesterday as I manned the Gazebo and assisted my homeschool son with his homework. Spending time with the Coffee Gazebo Manager - my daughter, is always a thrill for me, so shoving the dishes further back on the burner only made common sense. The lag time between clean and dirty is allowed but a lag time between present and absence with my family, friends, and others leads to relational damage. Not going there.

I love hand washing dishes for I need simple tasks. These tasks are well kept roads allowing my brain to travel with ease. Ideas, visions, and insights come from this realm of my mundane. Many of them are thrown out when they meet reality. But they are always fun to ping pong while there's bounce.

And, even though I would love to clean and tidy every room while savoring the simplicity, I must leave that for another moment of calm. Lynn and I are going vegetable hunting in a few minutes. Or at least that is what I am calling it and I am about to barf at my own words.  And you need to understand that if we actually get off in good time, I'll be in shock. I have not made a significant dent today. But I so love contemplating my mundane, my simplicity, my.... (are you not going to shut me up?).

I love my life. Where I live, in the state of PA, is a dream. So I must go and search these roads for veggie's.  I will never get done with laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc. The day I get done is the day my house is empty. The day my house is empty is the day my Spirit moves on to a fuller home. Life is short. To clean, to organize, is to enter into a realm of calm. But trust me, I'll enjoy the calm driving on the off roads of Route 23. My hunt is on for vegetable soup for tomorrow's lunch.

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