Sunday, October 23, 2016

Day 246: October 23, 2016 Bedtime Thoughts on Grace

October 23, 2016
Day 246

Bedtime Thoughts on Grace
Grace passes me to hug
the person I avoid.
Grace races behind me
to the person I left in the dust.
Grace swirls me around
to see the hidden one.
Grace inquires of the one who needs.
Grace outraces, outpaces and
chases me in "Tag You're It"!
Grace listens
when I turn a deaf ear.
Grace does not endure me
Grace adores me.

When it should not, grace gives.
When it should not, grace loves.
When it should not, grace hopes.
Grace says yes, yes, yes and yes.
Grace does not know the words, GIVE UP.

Grace is the rogue of all rogue waves defying logic
while scooping sin up and plummeting it hard.
The more sin the more grace.
Sin never shuts grace down, grace shuts sin down.
Grace will never make sense,
its wisdom is steeped in unthinkable

Grace is home.
Grace is comfort.
Grace is rest.
Grace is food to all who are hungry but have nothing.
Grace only knows more than enough.

Grace serves more and more and more.

Grace serves on.

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